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Top workers compensation claims and how to avoid them in your workplace

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Workers compensation claims come from injury, or illness sustained in the workplace. Most of these injuries can occur due to unsafe conditions, or practices, or lack of knowledge among the workforce. Below are some of the top workers compensation claims, and how to avoid them in your workplace. For more information on workers compensation, you can also visit .

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Overexertion can happen when an employee injures themselves by pushing, pulling, or lifting something. Usually a muscle is pulled beyond its usual range of motion. As an employer, this injury can be avoided by putting procedures in places for proper exertion. You can provide machinery that can assist in moving heavy objects from one place to another. Proper moving procedures, and tools to assist moving objects can help to avoid overexertion injuries in your workplace.

Trips and falls

A common injury in the workplace is a sprain from a trip, or a fall. Floors can easily get slippery, or objects can obstruct walkways, causing workers to misstep. In order to avoid trips, or falls put signs in place that indicate a wet floor, make certain that no object get in the way of workers walking, and ensure that all workers exercise caution and care when walking, or moving down stairways.

Stuck by, or against an object

If objects are placed in high areas, there is a chance that they could fall and strike a worker. Workers also sustain injuries from falling into objects, or being struck against something. A worker can fall into a stationary object and become injured. If objects are placed in a high area, it is important to make sure they are secure, and unlikely to be wedged out of place and in danger of falling on someone below. Workers should be encouraged to take care and tread lightly in areas where objects are stored in high places. Workers should be given strict guidelines to walk in a cautionary and risk free manner in order to avoid injury.

Machinery incidents

Machinery injuries can occur with improper use of equipment, or equipment malfunctioning. These sorts of accidents can cause serious harm and high medical costs to the injured person and to you. Ensure that all workers who operate heavy machinery are properly trained and ready to control the machine on a day-to-day basis. Workers should be alert and aware of all surroundings. As the employer, ensure that all machinery is up-to-date on maintenance, and repairs.

Repetitive motions

Workers can sustain injury from repetitive motions, or prolonged activity in the same position without much movement. Workers can develop aches and pains in their extremities, limbs, and lower back and neck. Encourage your workers to take breaks, stretch, and go for walks.

As the employer, it is your role to acknowledge the potential for risk, and set procedures in place to avoid them. In order to avoid workplace injuries, ensure that your workplace is safe and managed to prevent potential hazards and risks. Prevention of injuries and illnesses is key to stopping injuries and therefore the need for workers compensation claims.

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