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3 Benefits of Online Fleet Management Systems

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As technology continues to change and develop each year, many companies find that their business opportunities tend to grow and expand as well. Spanning many cities, state boundaries, and even around the world, the territories of these growing companies require reliable and efficient transportation to keep-up with the constant demands of a growing clientele base. Meeting the demands of clients in many different geographic areas often results in the need for reliable transportation on land, in the air, or through the sea. No matter what type of field you are in, effective fleet management requires a solution to help your business thrive.


1. Save Money


For any growing business, the desire to cut costs where possible is always an intriguing reason to look into a new method of vehicle management. An Equipment tracker reduces unnecessary spending and putting funds back into the business is one of the most sought-after goals of any company. Using a tracking device to manage and monitor your fleet, you may be able to take advantage of money saving benefits such as:


  • Cutting Fuel Costs
  • Reducing Vehicle Maintenance
  • Lowering Vehicle Insurance Rates


Using the proper vehicle management device, you can track the time each member of your crew spent driving, parked, or idling. Helping your drivers to cut back on their wasteful practices is easier when you gather relevant data and uncover specific areas that need improvement. Likewise, a strong record of safe driving and vehicle operation by your employees may be useful in helping you to lower the rate your company pays for fleet insurance.


2. Preserve the Life of Company Vehicles


For anyone who has managed a fleet, large or small, there is no question that company vehicles tend to take a lot of abuse in a short period of time. From constantly being under rigorous operating conditions, to sustaining wear-and-tear from employee misconduct or carelessness, the constant task of maintaining company transportation can be an overwhelming feeling for a fleet manager. With a tracking device installed in each vehicle, it becomes easier to detect maintenance problems early on. Expanding the lifetime of each vehicle in this way can greatly reduce the stress of managing a large transport team.


3. Legally Protect Company and Employees


On top of the need to meet client demands, every company has an obligation to themselves and their employees to create a system of protection against lawsuits and other legal claims. In the case of a legal dispute regarding a fleet vehicle or driver, accurate record of each driver’s route, start and stop times, and other driving activity may provide useful legal evidence in case of:


  • Accidents
  • Suspected Reckless Driving


Because today’s online fleet tracking and management devices have so many useful benefits, more companies have begun to implement them in their own vehicle management practices.

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