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Office related injuries and how to avoid them

It sounds crazy but people that work in an office are just as likely to get injured as say, Tradesmen who work with dangerous tools every day. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – many dangerous things happen in offices, and this leads to injury. It happens very easily, and very quickly so it can be hard to see it’s coming and avoid it. However, knowing what these possible common injuries are is a step in the right direction; so read on to find out more! Watch your step Did you know Read more […]

Seeking the right legal help when things go wrong

There are many instances in life that require us to have dealings with solicitors, whether in personal, employment, or business life. But where do you go for help and what do you look for in a solicitor? This article looks at how to find the right help. It is a rare individual who goes through their ice without having some sort of dealings with a solicitor, even if it’s just to deal with the sale or purchase of a house. For most of us, such dealings are simple and straightforward, but for others, Read more […]

Launch Your Business With The Right Documentation

Starting a small business is daunting. You have this great idea, but often little experience of how to put it into practice. Some simple advice can help protect your idea and get your business off the ground. This guide suggests some of the paperwork you might need. Branding Every company, irrespective of size or business interest, will need to communicate with customers, complete transactions and carry out analysis on the productivity of the firm. To be taken seriously and stand out from competitors, Read more […]

The Employers Guide to Avoiding Psychological Injury Claims

Taking precautionary measures to avoid personal injury to your employees is important. It matters for both the health of your employees and your professional reputation. You might already be taking all the necessary measures to avoid physical injury. But many companies don’t consider the possibilities of stress-related injuries.   A claim against you for a psychological personal injury by one of your employees could cost you money. Not only that, but it can damage your reputation. It can Read more […]

Top workers compensation claims and how to avoid them in your workplace

Workers compensation claims come from injury, or illness sustained in the workplace. Most of these injuries can occur due to unsafe conditions, or practices, or lack of knowledge among the workforce. Below are some of the top workers compensation claims, and how to avoid them in your workplace. For more information on workers compensation, you can also visit . Overexertion Overexertion can happen when an employee injures themselves by pushing, pulling, or lifting Read more […]

How All People Can Utilise Law Reports

Law reports are one of those things that people are not sure if they need or not. Of course, you need them in all walks of life. While they are predominantly used by lawyers, they can also be utilised by business owners and students alike. Why? They contain all the information of case outcomes as ruled by judges. They can prove to be a valuable tool for any professional.     As a busy professional, you are no doubt keen to seek the opinions of those that matter. Whose opinion can be more Read more […]

Personal Injury Claims Explained

The phrase “personal injury claim” comes up a lot in the media. Whilst most people have heard the basics about making a claim, few know what the full process entails. Whether you want to make a claim or are a business owner and want to know how your employees can claim, it is worth knowing the facts.   Despite what you may have heard, making a personal injury claim is simple. Providing you or your employee takes proper action the moment the accident happens, it will be easy. Few people realise Read more […]

The SRA Handbook: A Rough Guide For Law Firms

In life, we are used to having to comply with certain rules and regulations for the things that we do each day. But one group of people whose work is often heavily scrutinised are law firms. Because they are in the public eye, there is a huge emphasis placed against law firms to do their work correctly and within the law.   Back in June 2011, the SRA or “Solicitors Regulation Authority” published a set of standards and guidelines that they expect all law firms to follow; the name of Read more […]