A day in the life of a stock broker infographic

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If you’re working toward your MBA in Finance online, you’ll be able to choose among a number of career opportunities following graduation. You may want a challenging, yet rewarding, career that has its ups and downs on a daily basis. Becoming a stock broker may be exactly what you’re looking for: Ohio University Online Read more [...]

10 Ways To Save Money For Your Business

‘The more you save you less you have to earn’ is an old, but true, business maxim. Any savings you can make soon add up. Here are ten ways to cut down on the costs for your business: 1. Mailing lists Go through your mailing lists and purge them of inaccurate records. It’s money down the drain sending mail to people who are no longer there, quite apart from the negative impression it can create if you’re sending incorrectly addressed mail. 2. Bulk buy supplies As your business grows, Read more [...]

3 Easy Ways to Help Keep Your Workforce Healthy

The workplace can be fraught with hidden dangers. Aside from the risk of boring Bob from accounts cornering you at the water cooler to yak about Game of Thrones, there are a surprising number of veiled threats to your safety as you quietly go about your nine to five. Alarmingly, figures compiled by the Health and Safety Executive revealed an estimated 629, 000 workers had an accident at work last year, while an estimated 1.2 million people were suffering from an illness they believed was caused Read more [...]

The Future of Business INFOGRAPHIC

2015 is the year of data. Data is invaluable to the function of every business – from the marketing department all the way up the chain to the CEO. An MS in Analytics places you in a unique and important position. You’ll learn how to interpret and utilize analytics to predict future outcomes. Learn more about how analytics can be leveraged in business: Villanova Online Master of Science in Analytics Program Read more [...]

Managing Your Company’s Finances from a Business Perspective

When it comes to managing our finances for our families and our homes, we tend to have a pretty strict way of dealing with issues and decisions, to ensure we’re doing the right thing with our money. If you’re a business owner or partly responsible for the finances of a business, then the way you handle money will differ greatly in this circumstance. It’s really important that this is the difference, and that money is managed in a company from a business perspective. We’ve taken a look Read more [...]

8 Mega Marketing Strategies for Your Business

When you run a business, it’s important for you to figure out the most essential components of that business. You need to know what it takes to get a startup off the ground and make it thrive. Many people fancy themselves as business owners, but they don’t understand how much hard work is involved. Being an entrepreneur can be very rewarding, and highly lucrative. But to get to that point you’re going to have to deal with a lot of stress, anxiety and failure. That’s the nature of the corporate Read more [...]

10 common iOS 8.3 problems, and how to fix them

Not all iPhone or iPad problems are easily fixed. If you crack the screen, for example, you will have to take it in to a shop to be repaired. However, there are some problems that seem like you need the assistance of a genius, but can actually be quickly and easily sorted out yourself.   Each time we update our Apple devices, we are aware that it is likely to come with a few teething problems, and it has been no different with the new iOS 8.3 update. It is one of the biggest updates so far, and Read more [...]

Advice for businesses on how to review a CV

With scores and possibly hundreds of applications for one vacancy, how do you select the right person for the job? You want to recruit someone who has the necessary skills and experience, someone who will be an asset to your company. At first glance, several applicants appear to tick many of the right boxes. But do you know what to look for in a resume to avoid making the wrong choice? Here are some tips on how to review a CV to make the process as efficient as it can be: First impressions If Read more [...]

How Small Changes To Make Your Business More ‘Green’ Benefit Your Products Too

The environment is one of those rare issues that has far reaching ramifications for us all. Some news outlets are making an attempt to raise this as the ‘biggest story in the world’ while the Pope, no less, is set to unveil an environmental manifesto in June.   The seriousness and scale of the way we protect and preserve the world we live in for future generations is clear for all to see. Being ‘green’ is no longer just a hippy idea  - it’s something that many people aspire Read more [...]

How to organise your office

Kelly’s Storage has recently created this handy infographic to help you organise your office space. Are you looking for ways to help your employees gain enthusiasm, purpose and drive? Well follow these tips to help transform your office space into a happy, hard-working environment.   An infographic brought to you by www.kellystorage.co.uk Read more [...]