Small Businesses: Combat the major marketing challenges with corporate holiday greeting cards, social media marketing and more

Small businesses are imminently faced with a string of marketing challenges, which make it difficult for them to find their foothold in the industry initially. Though the lack of funds is perceived as the chief hurdle, there are other challenges as well. For instance, it becomes a bit difficult for a relatively lesser known brand to keep their employees motivated. Christmas is the time when your customers are willing to splurge. How would you align your marketing campaign with the demands of your Read more [...]

UK’s Property Tax Highest In The World

According to new data the UK Government made almost £65 billion in property taxes in 2012, a huge rise of nearly £6 billion in just three years.   When measured against the total tax received, UK property tax is higher than in any other country in the world, or so figures from The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) would appear to show. This research will put added pressure on Labour to rethink its proposed mansion tax, which would add extra financial burden to Read more [...]

Increase Your Office Productivity with These Handy Tips

You could have the best product in the world, the most intelligent staff members available, and be an extremely innovative entrepreneur… but, if your office is struggling with productivity issues, your business will not achieve the success it deserves. At the end of the day, your company relies on your staff getting things done correctly and efficiently; if this isn’t happening, results – and profits – will suffer. Below are some quick tips for increasing office productivity. Note that Read more [...]

When Should You Be Using A Lawyer In Your Personal Life?

It can be hard to know when it is appropriate to get a lawyer involved in any situation. It can often feel as though hiring a lawyer is an act of escalation, which will completely change the dynamic of any context. You may have no qualms about having the legal department involved in a dispute at work. But it can often feel a bit more personal and difficult when you need one involved in your home life.   In spite of this, you shouldn’t be hesitating. Involving a lawyer may feel like an Read more [...]

Managing Sales Goals and Expectations

As a sales manager, what do you do when you are not meeting your quota? While honing in on more lucrative sales may seem like the best solution, this usually leaves you with missed opportunities and an unproductive staff. It’s important to know that bigger is not always better. Just like investing, a successful business portfolio is one that is diversified. Rather than relying on your top sellers to bank a few major accounts, try improving your prospecting efforts in all areas. Educate your staff, Read more [...]

Basic Tips For Legal Situations

So many of us think that nothing bad will ever happen to us. When we end up in an accident, involved in a crime or in court for any other reason, it comes as a huge surprise. And rightly so, for most law-abiding citizens. But this often means that the first time you begin to think about law or a lawyer is when you’re in trouble. Often, by the time you’ve got in contact with your lawyer it can be too late. You may have already made a few mistakes that will work against you in any legal situation.   No Read more [...]

Buying and Selling Online For Profit

The last decade has seen the internet develop into an unrivalled global mechanism for business. Since social media changed how the internet could work online possibilities are endless.   The internet made it possible for people to work for themselves in ways that would never have been possible ten years ago.   Furthermore, another reason for the recent success and boom in online buying and selling for profit is the   One of the easiest and most common forms of ‘internet Read more [...]

Important Advice For People Starting A Fashion Retail Business

Fashion is an incredibly difficult industry to break. If you are hoping to start out as a fashion retailer, you need to be tough, secure and stylish. If you can't hack it, you will waste loads of money on a pointless project. You need to ensure that you have what it takes to make things work before you start. As with any business, things will be tricky from time to time. It will take passion and drive if you want to succeed. Here is some important advice you need to know before you start your business Read more [...]

Is Your Company’s Electricity Supply Unreliable? Here’s What To Do

It’s no secret that commercial buildings tend to use more electricity than domestic properties. It makes no difference whether your company only has a small office building or a large factory; it will still use a lot of juice.   For the most part, companies can enjoy a reliable supply of electricity. After all; that’s partly why they pay their electricity bills! But, for some companies, their supply of electricity is mediocre at best.   Regular power cuts and spikes in supply Read more [...]

Hints & Tips for Opening Your Own Business

It is easy to assume that if you have a good business idea or  unique product then this is all you need for your business to be successful. However, that is not true. The business world is tough and therefore you need to make sure you know what you are doing. Of course, no one expects you to suddenly become a business expert overnight but having an idea of what you are getting into is always a good thing!   Write A Business Plan Before you get started you need to make sure you write Read more [...]