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5 Tips to Expand Your Own Business Without Huge Investment

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Feel like your business could be doing better? Want to grow and spread your dream to a bigger market? It might be easier than you think. Read these five simple tips to find out how you can expand your business.


Become Part of a Franchise

Growing your business with the help of a franchise is very effective. Many franchise businesses such as Telcoinabox ‘white label’ their service, allowing you keep your business model while receiving all the benefits of being part of a franchise. Products and services are much easier to acquire with the franchises’ established contact database. Customer care and support is often provided by the franchise, keeping your personal costs down. Franchises offer broader access to knowledge, support and training than you could otherwise get access to.

Spread to a New Location

Opening at a new location offers you the chance to potentially double your earnings. But there are many risks involved and it requires careful planning. Before deciding to buy a new location, first ensure you have had constant profit and growth over the last few years, providing you with a stable draw back if things go wrong. Look into the market trends and ensure that the new location will have the same, or better, sales to keep the venture profitable. If the market is in decline you can risk losing your whole business out of the expenses caused.

Look Into New Markets

All businesses start with an initial target market that their product or service is targeted at. Now that you are looking to expand, perhaps there is another market out there for your business that you had not yet considered? Looking over market trends may reveal this new market to you and you can go from there. It is more likely you will need to diversify your product to suit a different market. By shaking things up and making some changes you can keep your old customers and acquires some new ones at the same time.

Merge With or Acquire New Business

Merging with an existing business with the same product is much like opening a new location, but without the risks. Merging also opens you up to more and new products and a larger and possibly varied customer base. The closer the merging business is to your own, the smoother the merge can be. However, a business that provides a product or service that can integrate, rather than match, with your own will create a much larger and far more diverse market for both businesses.

Go Online

Having a strong online presence is vital for all business operating in the modern world. It allows you to expand to a much larger audience that you otherwise could not access. Social media allows you to show off your products to your customers, while also giving them a way to interact with you. A well designed website can grow public interest in your product and give an insight into your business motto. To create even greater expansion of sales you can look at providing an online store where possible.

These are just a few tips for expanding your business without huge expenses. Do you have any other ideas on inexpensive expansion?

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