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How to Keep Your Business Car Running Like New

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It is entirely possible to keep your business car running like new for as long as possible with little expense. The difference between a business car that is poorly maintained and well maintained is often thousands of dollars when it comes to selling or upgrading the vehicle, and thankfully these days there are a number of resources available when it comes to enjoying your car for longer and keeping it looking and running in top condition. We’ve put together a list of top tips that you can use in order to keep your business car running like new for as long as possible.


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Proper Maintenance

Regular, scheduled maintenance and checks for your business vehicle are crucial to keeping it in top condition for longer. Tune-ups, fluid changes, oil changes and necessary repairs when needed are all important to preventing any potential problems in the future and enabling your business car to run like new for as long as possible.

Safe Driving

In order to keep your business car running like new for as long as possible, safe and steady driving is vital. Not only that, but driving safely and keeping to the rules of the road will also significantly reduce the risk of a road accident for you and any passengers that you may be carrying in your business car. Driving aggressively such as quick take-offs and sharp braking can quickly take its toll on a car engine, and even minor traffic accidents can be detrimental to the bodywork of a car by causing scratches and dents.

Keep it Clean

Not only will regular cleaning keep your business car looking as good as new for as long as possible, keeping the engine and bodywork clean will also prevent damage from occurring. BG products such as those available from are essential for keeping the engine in good condition, whilst you should also always take time to clean and look after the interior of your business car. The bodywork and paintwork of the car should not be ignored, with regular waxing being beneficial to the prevention of rust formation and paint fading.

Repair Quickly

Even the smallest of chips, scratches or dents on a business car can quickly become worse, so it’s important that necessary repairs are carried out as soon as the problem is identified. Failure to repair even minor issues can result in the need for costly work to be carried out at a later date. One of the most important repairs that must be carried out immediately is windscreen chips. No matter how insignificant or small it may seem, a chip in the windscreen can quickly worsen and become a hazard when driving.

How do you keep your business car running like new? What steps do you take regularly to ensure that the condition of your business car is constantly at its best? We’d love to hear any advice that you may have for other drivers, leave your best tips for business car care in the comments section below.

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