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5 Keyword Research Tips to Boost Online Traffic

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One of the main tenets of a superlative SEO strategy are keywords. Search engine optimisation companies in Sydneycomprehend the role that keywords play in the success of any SEO campaign, and are therefore well-versed with its use. Here are 5 keyword research tips to keep in mind.Rising-Traffic

1. Check what your competitors are doing

Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney always have their eye on the ball when it comes to what the competitor of a business is doing. They start by identifying an established authoritative competitor in your industry and pick up keywords that they are using. Using Google’s Free Keyword Tool, one can ethically “swipe” the keywords that competitors are using.

2. Identify hidden long tail keywords in the exact match/phrase-match difference

This strategy helps you identify the many hidden long tail keywords that are less competitive than most keywords. There are many search engine optimisation companies in Sydney that emphasise the difference between Exact Match and Phrase Match Search volumes. Google Keyword Tool works well to show the Phrase match and Exact match search volumes, but it rarely releases the related long tail keywords that are aimed at targeting your SEO and PPC campaigns.

What this means is a good SEO strategy requires you to locate the exact and phrase match search volume of a particular keyword. If there is a noticeable difference between the search volumes, you will have a winning keyword. One accurate way that search engine optimisation companies in Sydney find “missing long tail keywords” are Google instant searches.

PPC advertising is also another way to drive clicks and impressions which help you identify these “hidden keyword”. The idea is to contend around those keywords that have huge differences between the search volumes of the phrase and exact match.

3. Use your blog to talk about product launches and upcoming events

Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney base their strategies on staying up-to-date on product releases, industry news and updates from competitors. They will help businesses rank and optimize for keywords that will be highly searched in the future. This process gives you the opportunity to generate a lot of traffic for that search term. The key to this keyword research tip is anticipating keywords that will be highly searched for in the future as no one is searching for them just as yet.

4. Add geo-targeted search terms to your keywords for local search

If you are promoting a local business or offering services or products to a local demographic, search engine optimisation companies in Sydney add geo-location keywords for search that can help you rank better than regular keywords.

5. Browse through existing Google Analytics Data for Long Tail Keywords you may have missed

There is much keyword research data from existing Google Analytics data available to gain insights. Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney use Google Analytics Regular Filters to create a list of long tail keywords and filter them with 3,4,5,6,7, or more keywords in the search phrase.

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