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5 innovative ways to market your business

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Whether you have just set up a new business or want to raise wider awareness of an existing one, you will need to market yourself to stand out from the crowd. You want to be memorable, create a buzz and interest around your company, grabbing the attention of other businesses and possible clients. Feeling stuck for inspiration? Here are five innovative ways to market your business to ensure this happens.


Make your mark

Think of everyday items that we use such as stationary, mugs and bags, then brand these useful items with your company logo or slogan and hand them out. Or take branding further, think outside the box with what you brand and really get people talking. Think who your company is aimed at; what do they really need? What do they use that will either make their life easier or that is specific to them? Then brand that! Not only will you promote your business to those who use the equipment everyone they come into contact with will be exposed to your name too. Even if people don’t instantly recognize the logo it is bound to get them talking.


Give a gift

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift out of the blue? If you send to those you specifically want to work with they will be so grateful they are sure to sit up and listen to you. A GGB can be filled with goodies such as chocolate, wine and other tempting treats to wet their appetite.


Throw a party

Choose a relevant venue, send out quirky and unique invitations then provide food, drink and good music. All the while referencing your business through cakes decorated with your logo, a cocktail named after the company and balloons in your recognizable colours. Make sure you take some time to toast the business; a speech half way through the night will further remind people why they are there. Relaxed, and in a social setting will provide the perfect situation to network and get people on your side.


Share your knowledge

Organize a free seminar and send invites to all relevant companies. Here you will be able to talk about your area of knowledge, discuss your new or existing business and open the floor to discussion. Use this as an opportunity to hand out branded stationary, as ideas can be written down and taken away whilst being clearly emblazoned with which company provided this invaluable knowledge.


Be media savvy

Being on a budget isn’t a problem, as marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. Contact the local media, and get yourself talking on the local radio, in magazines and newspapers. Create a You Tube video, as this is a free, easy and current way to get your word out. Most importantly, take advantage of social media to reach a wide audience, get people chatting about your business and sharing your updates. There is such a variety of platforms out there now, including the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin that allow you to reach a variety of people in a range of ways. Share photos from your events and update with key information – be sure to create a catchy hashtag so others can share your story.




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