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Why SEO Is Important For Your Organisation’s Website

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We all know of the importance of good web design when it comes to setting up a website. After all, we want our website visitors to find our websites easy to navigate. We also want them to find the information they need, and to visit our websites on a regular basis.


But one aspect of website building that often gets overlooked is SEO. It offers many benefits to website owners and website visitors. If you have failed to optimise your website for SEO, you might be wondering why you should.


In today’s blog post, I will discuss the importance of SEO. Check them out below:


It helps people find your website


You can’t expect people to visit your website if they have never heard about it or your organisation before!




New retail stores advertise themselves in local newspapers, magazines and on local radio. They don’t expect people to know that they exist. That same approach also applies to websites. In other words, you have to tell the world that you are around.


One of the best ways of doing so is by asking search engines like Google to visit your website and “index” your site’s content. Search engines are like big reference books. Anyone that wants to find information fast in reference books will check for specific keywords in the index.


To use the reference book analogy: if your “page” is not in the “book,” there won’t be a link to it from the index.


It is important to put in place a proper SEO strategy for your website. That way, you can ensure that people will find your website by searching for specific keywords or phrases.


It helps search engines find your website


The process of a search engine indexing your website is programmatic. In other words, there isn’t a person at Google, for instance, that checks out your website before adding it to “the list.”


There are certain things that you should and should not do on your website to guarantee your site’s inclusion.


Let me give you a real life scenario that happened to me recently. I had a website designed for my company a few months ago. And whilst it looked nice I wasn’t getting many visitors from search engine users.


I hired some experts that provide SEO in Perth to help me out. I soon discovered my site’s SEO configuration was blocking search engines! That was shocking news, but illustrates why it is important that your website’s SEO is correct.


It helps to keep your content fresh


A by-product of regular search engine optimisation is the emphasis on adding fresh site content.


Some people think that website content doesn’t need updating. But the truth is you should always update your website to make it appeal to your target audience.


Can you imagine a news website showing the same stories on it? You won’t visit it anymore because there is nothing of interest for you to see! The same thing applies to all websites, not just those that give you the daily news.

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