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What is Pallet Racking and How Can it Help You?

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If storage is an issue for your business, or even if it’s not an issue but you know it could be managed more effectively, you need to know about pallet racking. Essentially, pallet racking is a system that assists with storage and the handling of materials. The systems are comprised of pallets on which materials are stored.


The Basics

Pallet racking is available in a variety of forms, but all accommodate palletised materials that can be stored in rows with numerous levels. Given this arrangement, forklifts are almost always needed for the loading of pallet racks into and out of storage.

Pallet racks are a feature of most modern warehouses, retail environments, manufacturing centres, and storage and distribution premises. Interestingly, pallet racks have been an enduring feature of these and other environments since World War II.

How Much Does Pallet Racking Cost?

Pallet racking is valuable and beneficial because it significantly increases the storage density of the goods that need to be stored. Unsurprisingly, the costs of pallet racking vary according to how densely the goods need to be stored. The least dense option of pallet rack and arguably the most commonly used racking system today is the selective rack, whereas the drive in pallet rack offers greater storage density.

To fully appreciate and understand the options available and their costs, it is recommended that you speak with a pallet racking specialist company, such as Elbowroom (Click here for more information). This way, not only will you get an idea for costs, but you can learn more about the different types of pallet racking available and what is best suited to your circumstances.

How Can Pallet Racking Be Helpful to Your Situation?

A major benefit of selective pallet racking systems is that they always allow for convenient access to all of the products stored. Particularly for businesses with quick turnovers, this is important, so this is frequently the preferred system used by retail stores, distribution centres and wholesalers.

How to Determine the Best Type of Pallet Racking for Your Facility

A variety of pallet racking systems are available, each offering particular benefits and a solution to functional needs. When determining the best system for your business, you should consider:

  • The storage density that you need and want;
  • The amount of floor space available, as well as the building’s height;
  • Where doors and columns are located within the building;
  • Access to inventory and the rotation required;
  • The size and weight of items and loads; and
  • The costs of installation and the materials required.

Pallet racking represents a sensible and effective way to store items in a range of contexts. Pallet racking is important to many businesses and it is well worth a business taking the time and planning required to organise an appropriate and accessible pallet racking system for their needs.

Has your business used pallet racking before? Do you have any particular tips or tricks to share? Leave your comments below.

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