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Three Steps To A Personal Spring Renewal – Clean Up And Get Ready For A New Year!

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The New Year is here, and it is time to breathe a little fresh life into your home and your mind and spirit! Three simple steps can lead you to increased satisfaction and happiness, and the springtime is the perfect time to take stock, and then take action.

Did you make a new year’s resolution? According to studies, about 45 percent of us make a New Year’s resolution and people who are still doing their resolution 6 months later is 46%.

That sounds like a pretty good number to me. The main thing with resolutions is to set small, achievable goals that work towards a larger goal. In effect, I want to lose 50 pounds, and I am going to lose 3 pounds a month.

That seems slow, but it is a good healthy weight loss rate.

No matter what your other resolutions, make this one a priority – you will be nicer to people, even the ones who don’t deserve it. It makes a difference in your everyday life!

The second project, silly as it may sound, is to learn meditation. There have been a lot of excellent books written on this subject, but the gist of it is this – be aware of everything and think of nothing.

That’s actually a lot harder than it sounds, but it goes something like this. St in a comfortable position. This is not necessarily sitting on the floor with your legs crossed; it could be sitting in a living room chair, on a couch or at the kitchen table, so long as you can relax.

A candle helps as a focal point – feel your body, your breath. Feel your attention, and let everything dwindle – try to think of nothing but the flame, and then eliminate that.

Start small – set a kitchen timer for ten minutes. This is a mental exercise, and it is very hard at first. That is the trick, though, and it is what teaches you about life. The harder you try to meditate, the harder it is to do it. Life is often the same way – trying to hard can be damaging to your body and spirit.

Stop, take deep breaths, and after each meditation exercise take a few minutes to think about what really is important to you, and make sure you take care of those things.

The last step is a classic springtime tradition – redecorating your living room. It could be as little as getting some new artwork and rearranging the room or as extravagant as new paint and new furniture.

Furniture is a major investment for most of us, but painting a living room can be a fun, inexpensive weekend project!

Finding new artwork can be the same – look at a lot of local and internet sources and think outside the box. Tapestries can also make a great bold statement on a large living room wall, either depicting a scene or just in bright colors and patterns.

Follow these simple steps for a personal spring renewal that will leave you happier and more satisfied!

Author Bio :- The Author writes about life and home, and the best way to ensure a balanced lifestyle; he has bought books and artwork online and always uses Consumer Reviews and Product Reviews before he buys! He is currently writing for MyReviewsNow!

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