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The Top 5 Ways Social Media Can Get You a Job

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Social media has revolutionized the way that professionals interact with each other, expand their networks and even land jobs. If you are not using social media to increase your visibility, it is something that you need to start doing immediately. Here are the top five ways social media can help get you a job.


Connect With Recruiters And Hiring Managers Across The Country

Recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to locate qualified job candidates. If you have a solid social media presence, you may get yourself on the radar of one or more of these recruiters. There is no better feeling that getting a job offer without having to send out your resume. LinkedIn offers groups you can join, and often friends provide the best opportunities to get in touch with recruiters and hiring managers.

Showcase Your Work

Do you have any accomplishments that you are especially proud of? If so, show them off online. You can use Twitter to send links to copies of any certificates, letters of recommendation or any papers that you have posted on Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t brag, but showcase what you’ve done. Be proud. If you’ve got an online portfolio, be sure you share your work and portfolio with those you know over social media.

Show That You Understand The Power Of Social Media

Simply having a social media account shows that you understand it can be a powerful tool to help your career. Some employers may even insist that you have a social media presence to interact with customers or the public in general should you be chosen to fill a given job opening. Therefore, you need to show that you have experience with and are comfortable using social media. Link your profile to your personal website and blog. Show you are versatile on the web and can use several different platforms. Be active on social media and post often with different platforms. Use one of the new Windows phonesfollow to have access to all your social media accounts at all times.

Do You Know Influential People?

The business world is all about who you know just as much as what you know. Therefore, if you are being followed by influential people in your industry, it could make you look like a valuable commodity to any any company that would want to hire you. For example, if you know the person who helped develop one of the smartphonesfollow or an application, it could give you a leg up against other job candidates applying for that company.

Give A Glimpse Into Your Personal Life

Social media allows you to tell people what interests you outside of work. For example, if you enjoy doing photography on the side, it could give you a leg up on other job applicants. It could also open other doors and give you additional opportunities in your field or job. So broadcast your talents over social media now.

Get online and start talking to the people who are going to help you expand your network and perhaps even land a job. Use social media to your advantage when searching for jobs.

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