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The Risks Of OTC Markets

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Becoming a day trader naturally means that you need to learn how to take risks. The ways that you can lose it all as a day trader are myriad, so you need to learn how to guard against that. That is why understanding how OTC markets are especially risky is vital to being a good and profitable day trader.

OTC markets refer to places that you can buy stocks over the counter, away from the traditional exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. The pink sheets is a common name for OTC markets because all off-brand stocks used to be available on actual pink sheets. One of the riskiest parts of trading on OTC markets is the lack of good information about the companies. When you see a stock on the NYSE, you know that the company is subject to pretty strict reporting standards. There is a level of trust there that does not exist in OTC markets.

Aspiring day traders should probably stay away from OTC markets. The level of skill that is needed to trade on OTC markets is acquired after years of screentime and learning how to become a better day trader. You need to look at multiple monitors every day for years in order to be able to feel trends coming and act on them.

When you want to start out as a day trader, you need to find an education site that has all that you need. You need online trading classes that lay out momentum day trading strategies in a digestible manner. You need a chat room with veteran instructors trading their bank and allowing you to watch over their shoulder. And you can have lots of people in those chat rooms with the same hopes and goals as you. It is a great place to learn the nuances of day trading ask early questions about terminology and technique.

You also need a place to learn about risk management. Risk management is very hard in OTC markets, which is why newbie traders are smart to stay away from them. Newbies need to learn how to keep their trades in line, by looking for home run trades, but also settling for singles and doubles to allow you to maintain a decent level of profits throughout the week. Risk management is learned behavior, not really something that is inherent in people.

The paper trading space is where you can learn risk management without risking any real money. When you are paper trading, you can trade in a virtual environment with fake money that looks and feels like the real market. There is no substitute for trading at the speed of the regular market. That is where you can learn to take risks and how to avoid making big mistakes over and over and over. The best part is that you can do it without risking any of your real, hard-earned life savings.

One of the first lessons that you need to learn is to stay away from OTC markets. Then you will be well on your way to profitablility.

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