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The Power of Goodwill in Business Can Never be Taken for Granted

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Information moves as fast as business in the technology industry. Profits can be huge and the rewards can be great as a result of the swift undercurrent of demand. Companies and businesses that are lucky enough to be involved with the windfall of success are also demonstrating a unique commitment to the communities they live in or serve. Philanthropy and goodwill are becoming big parts of the business culture of organizations across the globe. Giving back to the communities of the world creates good publicity, brings the brand to the front of consumers, has a positive impact on employees, and helps everyone associated with the cause.
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Good Publicity
Publicity is usually an asset to any business, and when the press, bloggers, and social media accounts of the world start to light up with positive messages about a company, the reputation of that organization grows in leaps and bounds. Ehsanollah Bayat understands the power of publicity, because his donations to causes in Afghanistan are helping the population of the nation while at the same time getting the American University of Afghanistan mentioned as well. The move gets positive energy and buzz surrounding the name of the organization, which helps increase the energy surrounding it. In short, bloggers and social media love stories that involve companies giving something back.
Giving the Brand a Boost
Often brands end up being pigeon holed and classified in the consciousness of consumers as a typical business. Philanthropy helps change that though process by giving the company and the associated products some exposure through an activity that is not for profit. The simple fact is that every company exists for profits, which is what business is all about, but finding a worthy and industry related cause to rally behind and support shifts that thought process. The business gets temporary relief from being an organization dedicated to making money, and gets viewed as a member of the community. By humanizing the company, the entire brand gets a healthy boost of support.
Helping Others
Perhaps the best part about goodwill, donations, and general philanthropy strategies concerns helping others in some way. The impact even a small donation can have on a cause can be staggering, and putting people ahead of profits for a moment rewards the business as well. Once stories and effects of the goodwill start to become visual, the company can actually measure the success of their charitable activities. Business is important, but in the end the communities that support the business matter even more.
Impact on Employees
When employees see the company they work for going the extra step by making a difference in some way, they become empowered and proud. The culture of the entire organization begins to shift, and the company will actually benefit from the pride employees take in being associated in their jobs. The positive energy that philanthropy drives can be nothing short of spectacular.
In short, small acts of generosity can lead to good publicity, give the brand a boost, let the company help others, and inspire employees. All these elements add up to creating a stronger company that is viewed in a positive light in the communities where it operates. The benefits are very real and often completely measurable, which makes any investment in the people surrounding an organization a very positive and savvy business decision.

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