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The Perfect Portfolio Makes for the Perfect Gift

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If you are racking your brains trying to think of the perfect gift for an up-and-coming professional in your life, consider a leather portfolio for men. Plastic binders were all well and good in school, but they have no place in the professional world. There’s nothing that can make a guy look more like an entry level candidate than a plastic binder. Portfolios are the perfect balance between a briefcase and a notepad, which the minimalist guy in your life is sure to appreciate.







Fresh-faced graduates who will be entering the professional world for the first time will more than likely have to learn as they go, which could potentially do them and their career serious harm later on. Help them build their corporate arsenal with a quality leather portfolio. They’ll now have something to keep their business cards, file folders, and smartphone in. They’re also sure to thank you for your professional contribution later on.


The New Executive


Advancing from middle management to the executive level calls for a celebration as well as a leather portfolio. A new status requires new accessories that reflect that status. In this case, it’s best that the portfolio isn’t too bulky or clunky. Opt for something that has room for a pad of paper, an interior pocket for business cards, and handout as well as a loop for a pen.


General Promotion


A leather portfolio for men is a great way to acknowledge a new promotion. This can help them stay well-organized and might be just the thing they need to make their transition that much easier and smoother. In this case, you might want to choose a portfolio that comes with a space for a list of new contacts, small office tools, and paper clips. Think of which accessories and compartments will be most useful for the new position.


The Interviewee


If you know of a guy who will soon start interviewing for positions, gifting them with a leather portfolio is the perfect way to help them feel more confident and better prepared not only for the interview, but for their new position as well. Imagine how impressed the interviewer will be when they notice the leather portfolio. Should the interviewee need to take notes during the interview, a portfolio is the perfect and stylish way to do so.


Making a Transition


Leather portfolios are also a great way to help a guy adjust to the workforce after a stint in the Peace Corps, armed forces, staying at home with his kids, or any other time away from a traditional job. A portfolio is sure to help make the transition that much easier and give them a place to store notes, phone numbers, contact information, and more.


The Writer


If there’s a writer in your life, he’s sure to love receiving a leather portfolio from you. Just the look and feel of leather is enough to get those thoughts and words flowing across the page.


While technology has made it harder to find anyone who still uses pen and paper, there are still individuals and companies out there who prefer the old fashioned approach. Why not give them a new fashioned gift to complement their old fashi

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