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The Most Unique Commemorations

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Special moments happen every single day. Some of these moments may seem ordinary to the rest of the world and are only understood by those participating in them. Other moments mark events that, almost immediately, everyone wants to remember in some fashion or another. Regardless of how the moment is created, there are some unique ways we can commemorate them.  Some of these commemorative pieces maybe sold to the general public like embroidered patches or lapel pins. Other pieces may represent more private matters and only be given to a select group of men and women.


Customized lanyards can become a very useful commemorative item.  They can be used to hold a variety of objects, for instance your keys. For some people, it is easier to spot a brightly colored lanyard then a key ring.  They can also be used to hold employee IDs. Large organizations such as schools may require their employees to wear their ID cards on lanyards around their necks. This way in the event of an emergency, staff members are easily recognizable.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are probably one of the most visible types of unique commemorative items on the market today. Many different types of organizations and companies purchase these patches. Some are can commemorate a building, like a museum patch. Others are meant to signify the organization someone works for. Examples of these types of patches are the department patches worn by first responders and the patches worn on the uniforms of members of the United States military. A third type of patch may commemorate a specific event. For example, the patches made to commemorate major sporting events such as the World Series.

Lapel Pins

These pins can be either given out to the general public or a specific group of people. Like patches, these pins can be a part of many types of uniforms. Some are meant to signify rank. Some are worn as a visual representation of achievements earned.

Special lapel pins can even become collector’s items. For instance, staff members at Disney parks often trade their pins with guests. This way the guest gets to have a unique souvenir of their time at the park.

Challenge Coins

Coins are one of the smallest but most unique commemorative pieces out there. These medallions are usually two sided and can be customized to fit any number of situations. Fire and police departments may use challenge coins to represent the department. Private clubs may get them for their members. Members of the military use them for many situations including unit recognition.

As you can see, unique commemorative pieces are available in just about every shape and size and for any occasion.

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