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Thank You For Driving Thru My Coffee Franchises

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I love coffee. I’m not one of those first thing in the morning kind of people, either, I need coffee all throughout the day to keep my mind functioning and my energy popping. Some would call me an addict, others would call me a connoisseur, but whatever the case may be, I know I cannot function without a hot cup of java to get me through the day. I’m not the only one either, that’s why there are so many coffee franchises out there that cater to those on the go.


Traditionally speaking, sit-down coffee houses are fantastic venues to invest in. These lovely places have the atmosphere; they have the sights, the tastes and the sounds that everyone from business men to teenage hipsters can feel at home in.  So what are the startup costs of having your own drive thru coffee place? The answer isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Coffee franchises have a number of costs associated with ownership:

•    Start-up costs

•    Retail space

•    Supplies

•    Employee training

These are just a few to name. You will need enough funds to be able to purchase all of the kitchen and food supplies as well as have a ready list of clients to purchase your supplies from. You also need to learn and then train others on the proper way to make coffee as the franchise dictates. Initially, being part of a coffee franchise can cost $20,000 to $350,000 depending on the type of venue and location. As an example, Maui Wowi mobile coffee huts start at about $70,000.

If you have a traditional coffee house which has a drive thru as well such as Caribou Coffee, the start-up costs will be much higher than a simple drive thru hut such as Mudslingers. However, there are some benefits to having a simple drive thru coffee stand instead of a sit down coffee house.

First, a drive thru coffee stand offers you more leeway in regards to location. You do not have to spend a large amount of money on rental space, utilities and staff. Most drive thru coffee spots are set up in small areas near high traffic shopping areas and are run by a staff of fewer than three. Also, drive thru coffee houses require fewer supplies. You do not have to make large investments in coordinating furniture, display cases, large storage refrigerators and books and magazines. The customer simply drives up to the shack, orders their coffee and possibly a pastry, and then drives off. It is quick and convenient as well as cost efficient for those who have fewer start-up funds.

Drive thru coffee franchises maintain the quick paced speed often wanted by early morning customers. There are no long lines of people trying to decide what to drink because everyone is in their car and that makes them not want to linger. One of the biggest perks, however, of owing a drive thru coffee location is not the cost or the pace, but the energy that comes with the job.

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