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The Professionals Who Can Help Your Business Get to the Top

It’s a cliché to say that running a small business is a full time job. It’s also not true. Running a business is at least three full time jobs and you’re only one person. As well as being the CEO, and taking the broad strategy as your responsibility – dealing with investors, outlooks and the overall running of the company – you’re also the head salesperson, chief of HR and quite possibly in charge of IT and customer service as well. If you scale up to the point where your revenue Read more […]

The Rise of Virtual Receptionists

Virtual services have seen something of a renaissance with the onset of the digital boom. More businesses are taking stock of their finances. With this, the rise in virtual receptionists is becoming a popular means of operating. For SME’s and start-ups, having a virtual receptionist can ensure that the right processes are in place. What is more, these services are often cheaper than employing a person to do this job. The rise of virtual receptionists in SMEs has been monumental. More and more entrepreneurs Read more […]

Property and Legal Matters: A Beginners Guide to PEXA

What is PEXA? We hear you cry. It’s not just another acronym, or another piece of software. It is a robust tool that can help you with all issues regarding real estate matters in the business world. For those that need stringent techniques in place to assist them with their property issues, PEXA is the tool for you.   Here, we will focus on the finer detail of PEXA. You’ll be an expert in no time at all.   What is PEXA?   PEXA is the Property Exchange Australia. Read more […]