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Smart Software Solutions To Keep Your Business Up To Speed

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Growing your company can be easier with the help of advanced business software that can increase productivity in the workplace. One important aspect of running a business is by keeping up with the recent technology that is being offered by a number of companies worldwide. Every year, more and more business and accounting software are out in the market, but we can help you find the right tools that you need for different aspects of your business. From accounting to payroll managing, we list down a few smart software solutions to keep your business up to speed.



To speed up the process of your accounting or to lessen the need for working accountants, we recommend using Quickbooks. The software has different versions that can be suited to fit your business model. Smaller businesses can opt for the cheaper option or those with larger needs include more features such as Microsoft Outlook integration and secure data sharing. Available for different industries, Quickbooks is annually updated to keep up with the latest accounting practices out there. For those with e-commerce sites, Quickbooks Simple Start Online might help you manage your microbusiness.


Track packages, follow the sales process and make sure that your customers are happy with the help of this handy online customer relationship manager. Depending on the scope of your business, this service can cost from just under $10 a month for those with smaller businesses and up to $250 per month for bigger companies. Sales and lead tracking tools can also give you the right insight about how you can make your customers happier.

Enterprise Anti-virus

With recent hacking attacks all over the country, it’s better if you protect all computers being used in your business from harmful viruses that can wreck your system. Although there are free high quality security tools online, it is advisable to enact force in protecting your source of income. We recommend getting enterprise-level protection from your chosen anti-virus software to decrease the chances of an attack.

Skype for Business

Voice-over-IP is an important tool to keep your customers within reach. Skype for Business not only is the leading source of VoIP services, but they also have feature-rich packages that allows your business to keep up with the inquiries. You can use Skype for Business to make business calls, conduct online video conferences, and handle customer relations on the fly.


For businesses that rely on a number of servers, we recommend using RackTables to manage your network rack. This software offers robust solutions for your data centers and server rooms, making sure that all your assets and files are kept safely and orderly. Networking all the computers being used in your business allows you to see and manage all the devices you have. You can allow permissions, attach files, and access your data even if you’re in a remote location. With just a browser and a solid internet, you can handle your business even if you’re cruising on the coast of the Bahamas.

Using these five simple software, you can streamline your workflow and get more things done in no time. These software are readily available in the market and are continuously upgraded every year to keep up with the advanced practices.


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