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SEO Tips and Tricks: It’s Time to Analyse Your Content

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Content is king. Everyone tells us so. For the future of SEO, content is going to be important. Sure, it’s great to start releasing material into the wilds of the online world, with little care for who is reading it. Creating and distributing content is vital to your SEO success. But, are you analysing your content?


If not, why not? Analysing content is vital for any marketer. With the steady rise of content taking prominence in SERPS, it’s time to start assessing your content.


The Future of Content


Content-based marketing is going to take prominence in 2015 and beyond. According to a DC SEO expert, content needs to be relevant, useful and brilliant. In short, it needs to be compelling and engaging. You need to create incredible content that the wider world will love. Yes, in theory this is great. But, it can be difficult to hone your writing craft in such a way that others love your work.


The adage of ‘post it and they will come’ is not strictly true. Web content needs to be tailored to your core demographic. What do they want to know? What are you trying to educate them about?


Fine Tuning: Taking the Helm of Your Content


So, while your content may be the tastiest piece on the internet, is it getting a bite? Are others sharing the good word that you are espousing? If people aren’t sharing your content, it’s time to start using content analysis in your marketing methods.


Yes, research methods are applicable to the world of marketers. Content analysis is vital for your success.


Content Analysis: The Basics


Content analysis can assist you with the creation of remarkable content. You need to have content that reaches your demographic. After all, if it’s not being read, there is very little point in having it. Closing the gap between writing and reading is vital.


Content analysis means that you as a marketer, need to set up a methodology and strategy to assess your content.


Make an inventory of where you post content. Social media, bookmarking, blog posts and white papers are crucial.  But, you also need to take stock of where you post videos, images and answers in forums.  Sort out where your content is held and how it is being consumed is vital. Arrange your content by target reader.


Are there any inconsistencies in your content? If so, it may be time to take down some blog posts that offer contradictory or different advice. This will lessen the usefulness of the content. What is more, your readers will be instantly turned off. Google won’t be happy either. Now can we see the importance of content analysis?


By analysing and arranging your content into an inventory, you can measure promotional efforts in a robust way. You can see who is using your content. You can see how many times that your brand has been mentioned. Identifying problem areas or areas for improvement, is vital for your SEO success. Sort out the good from the bad. This will see you on your way to SEO success. What’s more, Google will love you for it.


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