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Personal Injury Claims Explained

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The phrase “personal injury claim” comes up a lot in the media. Whilst most people have heard the basics about making a claim, few know what the full process entails. Whether you want to make a claim or are a business owner and want to know how your employees can claim, it is worth knowing the facts.


Despite what you may have heard, making a personal injury claim is simple. Providing you or your employee takes proper action the moment the accident happens, it will be easy. Few people realise that there is more to making a claim than just filling out forms. If you want to make a claim, you need to ensure you take proper action and following a few simple rules. Here is all you need to know about personal injury law.


When can a person claim?


The personal injury can be as simple as falling over at work or hurting your hand when typing. But a personal injury claim can also be more complicated. The term “personal injury” covers everything from physical to psychological problems. A person can claim for many reasons, so it is worth knowing what the term covers.


The injury does not have to show to count. Injuries of the mind are just as real, as though of the flesh. If anyone is mentally damaged by someone else, then they are eligible to claim. The point isn’t what the injury is. People can claim for all manner of injuries, so long as the injury is someone else’s fault. Someone else could refer to a certain company, their employer, the council or even a criminal. When a person gets mugged they are eligible to claim, yet many don’t. Remember, if someone else is to blame for you getting hurt, then this entitles the person to claim some compensation. Compensation is usually monetary, and the court can order the person who is to blame to pay up.


What help should people get?


When a person decides to make a claim they should enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer, such as the Ross Law Group. It is vital to find a law group who specialise in the area, as they will know the most about personal injuries. If someone is not sure whether they can claim, he or she should contact a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will be able to explain whether the claim is viable.


How can a person claim?


Before a person makes a claim then, they need to gather the supporting evidence. There is no way in which a person can claim for injuries without being able to prove what happened. Evidence can range from case to case. Photographs are always a good form of evidence, because they are hard to dispute. When a person has an accident it can be hard to remember to take photos, but if they do it could make their claim stronger. Other evidence could include a note from the person’s doctor stating what injury the person has. The doctor will also need to verify that the person claiming did not have an injury before the accident.


If a person is claiming because of an injury caused by crime, then they will need to contact the police. The police will be able to put together a crime report. In severe cases, the police might also file an accident report. Both of these reports will act as strong evidence. When a person decides to claim, they need to ensure that they compile the evidence. Having a chronological account of how, when, where the accident took place will make the entire process easy.



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