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Company formations hit a new high; how to set up your own business

According to a newspaper report in May 2014 in The FT the number of company formations in the UK has hit a new high. In the 12 months to March 2014, there were 526,874 incorporations. This is the highest amount of new company formations since Companies House began recording the number in 1997.   The growth is spread across the UK, with Scotland totting up the most incorporations in a year with 27,602 in the period above.   This may suggest that confidence in the economy is returning Read more [...]

Costs You Need to Anticipate Before Starting a Construction Project

Construction projects have the potential to cost you a lot of money, and so it is very important that you're aware of the costs ahead of time. Should you choose to be aware of the costs involved, and what you're likely to face, you will be better prepared to budget the right way, and have a construction project that is going to run on time, and be successful.   Staff Costs   A cost that most construction projects face is the cost of having to hire staff. Unless your construction Read more [...]

5 Pieces of Advice to Help you Stay out of Debt

Debt is one of the most dreaded words, and one which is inevitable given money is essentially printed with debt already attached. With the financial system being negotiated by debt, it is difficult to live a full life without choosing to get a loan or run up debt on credit cards to help you afford a life of luxury. Well, using the simple tips in this article you can reduce your debt levels, but still live the life you wish to lead. If people realized they could live a life with all the luxuries Read more [...]

How Much Compensation to Expect in Winning a Claim

Compensation claims for medical negligence are often difficult to win and even more difficult to provide a fiscal figure for regarding compensation payouts without referring directly to a particular case – namely your case. There are so many factors involved that it’s impossible to say that this injuryfollow will receive this amount of compensation and so forth, so if you’d like to find out how much compensation you could receive, and more importantly whether or not you’ve even got a claim Read more [...]

Making Effective Use of Monthly Salary

‘Salary sacrifice’ is a typical type of financial arrangement which is lawfully signed by an employee and his or her employer; by signing this legal contract, the employee gives his or her consent to give up an agreed portion from the monthly remuneration, on the stipulated condition that the employer will provide equal benefits to them; the benefits can be an agreed pre-fixed item or services. These types of monetary pacts are also commonly termed as ‘SP (Salary Packaging)’ or ‘TRP (Total Read more [...]

Different People Benefit From Work From Home Opportunities

Alternative Forms Of Employment You might have heard that many people are working from home these days. You might have received forwarded mails from friends or acquaintances asking you to join them in a lucrative online venture that promises to give big returns. The reality is that, those who have a full time job and a lucrative one, do not need to pay attention to such alternative methods of earning money. As long as one is drawing a salary that helps them to fulfill their needs and aspirations, Read more [...]

The SRA Handbook: A Rough Guide For Law Firms

In life, we are used to having to comply with certain rules and regulations for the things that we do each day. But one group of people whose work is often heavily scrutinised are law firms. Because they are in the public eye, there is a huge emphasis placed against law firms to do their work correctly and within the law.   Back in June 2011, the SRA or “Solicitors Regulation Authority” published a set of standards and guidelines that they expect all law firms to follow; the name of Read more [...]

Education Tools You Need in Your Growing Business

Most entrepreneurs recognize the role that education can play in their success. Earning a bachelor’s degree is the first step to learning basic business skills that will be helpful in starting a company. Graduates will be able to prepare a business plan to interest investors, find a suitable location, and recruit effective employees. But education goes even further than that. Beyond getting started, a good education and a college degree can support your business in several ways. Education Read more [...]

5 Things to Consider Before Your Construction Project Begins

Embarking on a construction project is a massive undertaking and can put huge strains on you both financially and emotionally. That's why it is so important to be well prepared. This means having a good plan and sticking to it. To make sure you have a good, cost effective, and efficient plan, you should go through it line by line to identify any problems that might arise and make contingency plans, or look for alternative methods to achieve the same goal for less effort and expense. What is the Read more [...]

The Top 5 Ways Social Media Can Get You a Job

Social media has revolutionized the way that professionals interact with each other, expand their networks and even land jobs. If you are not using social media to increase your visibility, it is something that you need to start doing immediately. Here are the top five ways social media can help get you a job.   Connect With Recruiters And Hiring Managers Across The Country Recruiters and hiring managers are using social media to locate qualified job candidates. If you have a solid social media Read more [...]