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Love Gardening? Learn How To Start Your Own Landscaping Business!

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People work in all sorts of different jobs. Some thrive in office environments whereas others prefer to work in the great outdoors. One of the main benefits to working outdoors is that no two days are the same.


You don’t have to get stuck in a stuffy office all day long, and you also get to keep fit during your work! The only downside, of course, is that you have to work in all weather conditions. Still, if you loathe working in an office, getting an outdoors job might be the best career choice you ever made!


Do you love working outdoors and spending time gardening? Do you want to earn a good living?


If so, have you ever considered the possibility of setting up your own landscaping business? In today’s blog post, I will show you how you can make this dream a reality! Here is what you need to know!




Consider working for someone else first


I’m sure that you’ve doubtless got some experience of doing gardening work in the past. Maybe even for yourself and maybe for friends and family members. But what commercial experience do you have of landscape gardening?


If the answer is none, I recommend that you get a job working for someone else in the industry first. One of the best ways to make sure your business succeeds is by learning about what problems others make so you can avoid making them.


There are many benefits to working for someone else in the landscaping industry. First, you get to learn where others go wrong as I just mentioned. Second, it gives you the opportunity to find out how other companies get new customers and repeat business.


Third, it’s a great way to make new contacts with suppliers and customers. You can always approach those customers when you startup if you wish to continue working for them. Although there are obvious moral and even legal issues surrounding such a decision.


And perhaps the most important reason of all, you gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience. The worst thing you can do is start a new business without knowing what you’re supposed to do or having the expertise to do each job right!


Make a list of what you need


All businesses need to spend some money before they can startup. With a landscaping business, it’s not possible to launch your business with nothing. That’s because you will need to buy tools and machinery.


I don’t recommend using your own tools and machinery because they are not business assets. If you buy stuff through your business for its use only, you can claim certain capital allowances for tax purposes.


In other words, not using your own tools and machinery could save your new business money in the long-term! Before you set your new landscaping business up, you will first need to compile a list of what tools and machinery you will need.


If you want to save money, you could always buy used items instead of brand new ones. Websites like AutoTrader are great places to source used machinery for your business. Sometimes you might even find items for sale that haven’t got used much!


The tools and machinery you need to buy will depend on what you will be doing in your new business. Are you planning to work on large-scale projects? If so, you might need to buy heavy-duty machinery like bulldozers and dump trucks.


Write a business plan


If you need to borrow some money to buy stuff for your new landscaping business, no-one will lend you any money. The exception is if you can prove to them how and when you will make a profit once you start.


The way to offer this proof is to create a solid business plan. In a nutshell, a business plan is a document that tells people why you want to start the business and what you can offer to make it a success.


It also needs to detail how much money you think your business will make and when that will happen. To create a good business plan, you will need to spend a lot of time doing research. The things you will need to research include your local competition, what they charge and how much demand there is for your work.





It’s also essential that you research what it is your customers want. There are many services that you can offer in your landscaping business. But the key thing is to ensure you offer services that your customers will most likely buy from you.


As you can see, there is plenty of food for thought here. Starting up a new business isn’t something you should do on a whim. It has to be a well thought-out and researched decision, as it is one that will affect your livelihood.


Make sure your business is legal


Depending on what part of the world you live in, there will doubtless be a lot of bureaucracy that you’ll have to deal with. Usually, this involves registering your business for tax purposes. And ensuring you comply with all local business and employment laws.


Another consideration to make is insurance. All reputable businesses have various insurance policies to cover certain risks. Public liability insurance will cover you if a customer sues you because of injuries they sustained at your premises.


Professional indemnity insurance will cover your business if someone sues because you did a bad job for them. And then there’s employee liability insurance. It’s a legal requirement in many countries for firms that hire employees.


I recommend hiring an accountant to look after your firm’s finances and to handle tax returns. Even if you could handle that side of things yourself, you won’t have the time to sort them out when you’re out working on projects.


I hope that this guide to starting your own landscaping business is useful to you. Let us know if you think we should add anything more to this article. Good luck with your new enterprise!

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