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Know 5 apps that can run your Business effectively

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According to a recent survey, it has been noticed that more than 90% of the business owners make use of the mobile apps on their tablets and smartphones for conducting business activities. However, for many business professionals, existing apps in the market are not enough to suffice their growing needs in business. There comes the need for more software applications that are not only versatile in use but can also serve some of the rare purposes. With the new business apps arriving in the market, competition will grow and the users are destined to get the best.

If you’re a business professional, you may not have to browse through hundreds of business apps only to conclude by the end of the day that most of them don’t serve your purpose. Since not all business apps are good enough to meet your company’s challenges, here are top five apps that can help you handle your business effectively via your phones. Adding to the advantage, these apps will serve you no matter what the size, revenue or industry your organization is serving into.


Appointment-plus: When you have vendors and customers who don’t show up even for prescheduled appointments, you don’t enjoy the fun of losing money and time. Even if it’s not possible to keep forcing people to stick to their words and commitment, an automated mail system can always do the needful. You have got near to a convincing solution – appointment plus which is available for a free trial initially. This app not just offers you email marketing at its best but it also helps you with important features like record and note taking.

Gopayment: In business, not making mobile credit card payment is like missing out on making money. As a merchant, if you’re accepting credit cards then your opportunity for making money automatically increases. If you’re processing revenue through Gopayment, you can ensure transfer of revenue to bank account in not more than 3 days from the day of transaction. So, now make business transactions with ease and without hesitation. Online conferencing and file-sharing in business is not new. is an easy-to use web based collaboration app that is useful for pitching all your formal presentations in the most effective way. Now you can share files and screens with much more ease and confidence. You cannot just include around 250 participants but also mark up screen in iPad virtually – and confidently! Also, it offers opportunity to multiple presenters to work from more than one location.

Signeasy: There always remains a need for signatures in the official documents and this can often seem to be a herculean task in the digital world. This is where this app shows up in terms of its capabilities. With signeasy app, you cannot just digitally sign but also save, download and even return contracts sent to you or company via email. Now, there’s really no need to get the print outs of your documents – signeasy is here!

VPN direct: When you’re in business, you need to be careful while accessing sensitive information on the go. It is important to arm yourself with a reliable network security. By ensuring that the data you’re receiving and sending is encrypted, you’re also ensuring business operations that are safeguarded by your network.

So, now with some of the best business apps available, it’s time to boost the productivity of your company! These apps are all set to change your corporate image and help you emerge as a winner in even the oddest situations. Make sure that you hop onto the business app that cater s to your specific requirements in business. Happy dealing!

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