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How to Stop Stress Becoming a Problem in Your Office

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One of the biggest workplace problems these days is stress. It causes more absences from work every year. It’s in the interests of both the employer and the employee that stress doesn’t become a problem in your workplace. If you see the signs of your office becoming stressed, take action quickly.



There are lots of things that can employers can do to prevent and stem the problem of stress. If you want to learn more about how to deal with stress, read this guide.


Set up a Support Network in the Office


If your company is big enough, you should consider employing somebody who oversees the well-being of the staff. They could be the person that people go to when there’s a problem, stress-related or otherwise. This will cost you money, but it might well be worth it, in the long run.


Communicate Openly


It costs no money at all to communicate effectively with your staff. Create an open culture in your office. If people are having problems at work, they should feel able to express themselves and discuss their issues with you and other relevant parties.


By the same measure, the communication should be two-way. As the boss, it’s your job to initiate these, often difficult, conversations. Hold a meeting on workplace stress and talk about what the signs and symptoms are, and how they can find help.


Get Insurance


Health insurance is a great safety net. It means that your staff can get immediate and swift medical attention whenever they need it, inside or outside of the workplace. It’ll also work as a gesture that proves that you care about the health of your staff. If you want to find out more about insurance, visit


Relax the Office


The office is a stressful place at the best of times, so don’t pile on the pressure. Do everything you can to create a relaxed, friendly environment in the office. Simple things like smiling and talking to your staff politely can make a real difference to the overall mood of the office.


Break areas and an open plan work area can also help the situation. There are loads of ways you can make the office feel more at ease. Usually, it’s just a matter of using your common sense and employing a bit of common decency.


Promote Well-being


Having a healthy body is a great way of maintaining a healthy mind. Of course, there is no way for you, as a boss, to make your employees more fit and healthy. But you can encourage them and point them in the right direction.


Make sure the food and drink on offer at work is of a good standard and isn’t all unhealthy. You should allow your staff to take breaks away from the desk regularly, so they don’t feel like they’re trapped at their desks all day long. Run a cycling scheme that encourages people to bike to work rather than drive too, they’ll arrive at work refreshed and energised.

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