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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website – The Easy Way!

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Many people often wonder how some websites are more successful than others, in terms of popularity and traffic.


Whilst it would be easy to suggest that some folks simply hand over a large sum of money to an SEO professional for the desired results, the truth is those results are not instantaneous. The process of search engine optimisation is a long-term thing.


However, it is worth noting that there are certainly “easy” ways of optimising your website for search engines – and for humans! In today’s blog post, I will show you how you can make your website popular in a shorter period!


Use WordPress


The first step in getting your website noticed is to use WordPress. This open-source (i.e. FREE) publishing platform enables newbies and seasoned developers alike to create stunning websites easily.


WordPress was originally marketed as a blogging platform, but these days nearly 80 million website owners choose WordPress as their content management system of choice.


WordPress-powered websites can be customised with some useful plugins while the aesthetics can be changed with some beautiful pre-designed and fully customisable themes.


And because there are constant updates to the core WordPress system by a team of dedicated developers, you can be sure that it is a safe and secure system to use on your website.


Use an SEO plugin for WordPress


Although WordPress has some basic SEO tools built into the core system, such as custom URLs, there are a number of SEO plugins that you can utilise to expand further the system’s SEO capabilities.


For example, I personally use the brilliant All-In-One SEO Pack plugin so that I can customise the meta descriptions for each page or blog post.


Submit your pages and blog posts to Google


Of course, search engines such as Google aren’t going to know that your website exists unless you tell them so!


I recommend setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account so that you can submit your website’s URLs for inclusion into their search index. Installing a WordPress plugin such as Google XML Sitemaps will ensure that the search giant is notified whenever any new pages or posts are published on your website.


And if you want to get your web pages published in Google’s index quicker, here is a top tip from the High Impact SEO company to help you do so:


  • Go to your website profile in Google Webmaster Tools;
  • Click on “Crawl” on the left-hand side, and then click on “Fetch as Google”;
  • Type in the path to your page or post and click on the “Fetch” button;
  • Once the URL has been fetched, click on the “Submit to index” button;
  • A box will pop up; select the option to only index your submitted URL and then click on the OK button.

Google will shortly index your website. On average, the pages that I submit to Google usually get indexed within an hour or so, but I guess it could take longer if their servers are busy.


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