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How to Create a Casual Dining Experience for your Patrons

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Whether they admit it or not, nobody likes to slave over a hot stove for hours on end after a long day at work. Most people love to be treated to a delicious meal prepared by someone else – preferably not by their experimental cook of a significant other. When they do venture out to eat, you want them to come to your establishment! Therefore it’s imperative to create an environment where your clientele can come to relax and enjoy a great meal. With new restaurants and cafes popping up every five minutes, how does one find a competitive edge? Read below to find out how.


Nothing too fancy

Quite often cafes and restaurants confuse their clienteles desire to enjoy fine food with wanting to fine dine. Your customers want to experience great food that may even be a little bit fancy but they don’t want to be intimidated by expensive looking fixtures, pristine white linen and fine china. Fine food can be served in simple style and decent portion sizes without the pretense often associated with an up market restaurant.

Get comfortable

Upmarket furniture can often look great, but nothing is more appealing for a lazy Sunday morning brunch than something comfortable to sit on. Cushions are a great addition; not only are they an appealing places to rest your laurels but they can add colour and style to any venue, and can be changed to suit the season or mood of your establishment. Opting for simple lounge style chairs and sofas can also act as a suitable long term alternative. Think about what would make you feel comfortable as guest? Customers love the little extras and creature comforts of any venue, and it’s the simple things can often make all the difference. Offering little things like blankets and wraps during the winter months not only keeps them warm but makes them feel valued and looked after. If you’re curious to see what other stores have done to create comfort, it’s worth checking out sites like TU Projects , who specialise in renovating creative cafes and restaurants.

Music to the ears

Visual appeal is always going to be important but once your guests are seated and relaxing what are they listening to? The sound of the next tables chatter? The clinking of glassware? The noises of the kitchen? Be aware of what your customers can hear from all your tables and ensure it’s pleasant. Pick your music and make sure everyone can hear it suitably. Setup your sound system appropriately so it won’t be too loud for some and too quiet for others. Choose the right sound to fit your venue; you want to accompany your ambience, not over power it.

Dare to be different

Don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines and try new ideas to see what works for your clientele. People love new ideas, attending new venues and talking about the things they enjoy, and when they do they come back, they’ll bring their friends along too.

Remember you aren’t just setting up a venue for people to eat food in, you are creating an experience for them to remember. From the moment they enter until their last mouthful is eaten, their bill is paid and they casually stroll out the door, your guests will be soaking in the ambience of your venue. Make every moment count.

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