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How Statutory Rape Laws in Colorado Work

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Statutory rape is a rape cases where a minor is involved in the sex act and who are not capable of giving consent to the sex acts. The inability is written in the statues and therefore the term is defined as statutory rape.

If any of the sexual activities are committed forcefully, it is breaking of the law. Along with this, When there is a romantic relationship with a minor and the sex act is involved, it is also considered as the statutory rape by law. In other words, whenever there is any kind of sexual activities with minor children disregarding the gender, the activity can be considered as statutory rape and you will face the consequences.

To know more about this, you must understand the Statutory rape laws in Colorado.


How the law works

Any sexual activities done with the minor are considered as the statutory rape and. According to the law, the age of consent is 17. If there is someone under the age of 17 and they were, forcefully involved or involved with the consent then it might be considered against the law. The rape charges may vary depending on the ages of both the person.

Here, in most of the statutory rape cases, it is not necessary that the case is filed by the victim, but can also be filed by any of the victim’s parents, friends, teachers, and can also be filed by a jealous ex. In other words, anyone can go to law enforcement here if they know the victim.



Just like every other law, there are some exceptions faced here. If both the people who are involved in the activities are legally married then it is legal for them to have sex.

Also, the person is allowed to involve in sexual activities if they are close in age. The age difference that is allowed and is considered as the close age is 4 years. For instance, if there is 13 years old who are involved in sexual activities with 15 years old, then it will be considered as legal action.

Final words

If you or any person you know is going through any of these things, you should contact a lawyer and file a case against them. This will take the whole matter to the legal hands and they will get justice. Statutory rape laws in Colorado have high penalties. It depends on various factors on how much penalties or jail they will face. There are various things here taken into consideration such as if there was the consent of the victim. You can contact the lawyers to know more about the same.


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