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How Are Changes In The Printing And Packing Industry Affecting Your Big Business?

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The printing and packing industry is a global sector that is affected by different factors such as new technology, trends in consumer spending, environmental concerns, the state of the global economy, and even the changing expectations of clients. As big businesses strive to market their products and drive sales through innovative ideas and creative packaging design, those in the printing and packing industry endeavor to keep pace, providing brand owners with the latest in packaging printing technology for maximum marketing appeal.


Let’s explore the newest trends in the printing industry and see what it can do for your big business.


The Consumer-Driven Model

Customers react well to items that speak to them on a personal level, sparking a new consumer-driven model that necessitates the use of versatile and flexible packaging. The demand for customized products has made providers in the print industry use methods that allow consumers to change designs according to their preferences. Consider, for example, Coca-Cola’s packaging for its “Share” campaign, which encouraged consumers to search out bottles sporting their and their friends’ names. In this case the packaging proved to be a key selling point for a well-established product – with even people who didn’t otherwise drink Coca-Cola products picking up their personalized bottles.


New Digital Printing Technology

The entry of Nanography in the digital printing arena has made it possible for brands to have high-quality packaging and labels at a lower cost compared to offset printing. Nanography is based on the science of ultra-small particles, or nanotechnology, and allows for high-speed printing on any plastic packaging film, label stock, and even untreated paper stock. The resulting labels are resistant to abrasion and scratches. The Nanographic printing process merges the high productivity provided by offset printing with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of digital printing. For big business owners, this means the options are limitless when it comes to developing creative packaging that grab the attention of consumers. It also means quick and efficient printing is available in a way that is cost effective on the sort of scale demanded by big business.


Implementation of Sustainable Practices

The green movement has also made its mark on the print industry, which had been known to create a substantial amount of waste, from paper to ink and from energy to carbon emissions. Many print and packaging service providers have taken on the challenge to be more environmentally-friendly by implementing green practices that involve using less paper and the use of recycled materials. Big business clients will do well to support these eco-friendly companies, especially if they also promote corporate social responsibility through sustainable practices. Image matters in big business – and how green you are is vital in contributing towards your image.


The printing and packing industry continues to face challenges to meet the needs of big businesses in a global market. The basic need that print and packaging service providers need to meet is to come up with a package that not only promotes the brand on the outside, but also protects what is inside. The advances in technology are making it easier to manufacture low-cost, lightweight, compact, and recyclable packaging solutions that are easy to track through the supply chain. For big businesses, this means an improvement to their brand’s overall packaging, delivery, and materials recovery.




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