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Hiring Digital Recruitment Agencies to find the Best Digital Jobs in 2016

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Being the main hub for interactive media, the field of digital marketing is now one of the most coveted areas for professionals who are expert at converting new leads into long term clients via digital technologies that hep in enhancing sales growth. If you are competing on your own against your fellow contenders for the best digital jobs in 2016, you might want to start looking at different digital recruitment firms to up the odds in your favour. There are various roles that your talents are suited for, and if you are thinking of flying solo, you will definitely miss out on some excellent opportunities. Reputed recruitment agencies, like Sphere Digital Recruitments ( often list the best marketing jobs that you must not miss!



What are some of the best marketing jobs that you can apply for?

While most job postings are tailored with the usual requirements, some of them definitely stand apart from the rest. These jobs are not only different and challenging, but they are also fun! Given below are top 3 jobs Sphere Digital Recruitment agency has listed for interested candidates:

– Senior Designer for Online Travel (
Here, you have to conceptualize and design new ideas for all platforms, like desktops, mobiles and tablets. You need to have experience in mentoring junior designers in the field as well. As long as you can manage and develop successful brand identities, know UI/UX development and can lead a team of your own, you will be successful in turning this job opportunity into your best professional experience.

– Multi-media Account Manager for a Global Communications Agency (

For this job, you will have to plan clients services which span over all media platforms like media owners, magazines and National Press. You also need to have a sound experience in working with media technology and hone your written and verbal communication skills to interact smartly with the clients who are quite tech savvy.

– Paid Social Specialist for a Social Entertainment and News website (

This website has a both local and international audience and is a fast growing startup business. It mainly markets content, and as a specialist, you will have to use third party IPA technologies to advertise their work. For this job, you need to have two years experience in a paid Socials Campaign, and be smart and quick witted so that you can be a good problem solver.

Benefits of Hiring Recruitment Agencies:

There are a lot of great digital jobs that you would have access to, once you are working with a popular recruitment agency. It is usually the best way to get into the digital marketing network, since looking for a job yourself will hardly bring you much luck. There are several reasons why digital recruitment firms are the best option for you:

– Recruitment firms have an expanding network where they retain contacts of people who are pretty significant in the digital marketing field. They can pull a few strings in the right places to get valuable information that might help you to get an important interview for a job post that is right up your alley.

– Many reputed companies do not publish information regarding new job posts on newspapers or other platforms. Instead of advertising, they hire recruitment agencies to silently look for suitable candidates for the interview. If you are looking for a job on your own, you will miss such incredible opportunities. You need to have insiders information, and the only way to do that is to hire a recruitment agency.

– With recruitment agencies, you will have the perfect job that suits your needs and style. Do you like to work from home, or would you prefer being in the office with other colleagues? Are you looking for substitute positions or something long term? If you apply for just any job, you might not end up with an offer which will please you. Recruitment firms are very helpful in the sense that they will study your CV and ask you questions regarding your preferences and interests. Then depending on your requirement, they will keep looking for interesting job offers that might crop up. Once they fine something, they will help you to get an interview with the right people so that you can give it your best shot.

– People at recruitment agencies will be your job consultants. They will not only try to understand you and your career aspirations and motivations, but they will give you helpful feedbacks. They will correct your resume for you, and help you to write a better one. When you have an interview lined up, they will help you to prepare yourself so that you can make the best impression. They will coach you in all aspects of job search. You will get professional advice from them so that you have the best chance of winning.

– Your interactions with the recruitment firms will be completely confidential. These agencies will respect your application and privacy at all cost, and you will be able to share all your worries and concerns without any fear and embarrassment. They will also address your fears and show you how to manage your anxieties.

– Some of these recruitment firms will even call up your previous employers to know more about your wok history, and understand your style of work from their reviews. Basically put, your chosen recruitment agency will leave no stone unturned on its quest to know the real you and what you need in order to help you to find your dream job.

Popular recruitment firms have years of experience under their belt which help them to understand their clients better than anyone else. They know that different people have unique needs and ambitions, and they treat everyone differently as well. They are more than capable of providing top quality service, and you must consult them before making any job related decisions. This post is a summary of the information presented at and Visit them to learn more.

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