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Had the opportunities, but we gave up easy baskets

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Were a number of things we needed to work on, he said. Had the opportunities, but we gave up easy baskets. The tempo favored Cal in the second half and they had it going for them. Against this, that the President has tweeted six times this month about a decades old conspiracy theory targeting MSNBC Joe Scarborough. Trump has shown himself to be a man who would disrespect the memory of dead woman just to get back at a political opponent. That woman, Lori Klausutis, died while working as an intern in Scarborough Florida office when he was a congressman.

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The Bengals have won only once by more than seven and that was back in Week 2 against a troubled Steelers team. Jets rookie QB Geno Smith has been inconsistent with his lose win lose win pattern, but he also appears poised and mature enough to learn on the go. It will help that the Bengals suffered a huge loss when CB Leon Hall was lost for the year in last week game.

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