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Fastest Growing Tech Fields Today

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The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Within the industry itself, however, there are fast-growing fields. These are the fields that will be looking for more employees in the coming years. If you are heading to college, now is the time to consider these fields within the technology industry.

Project Managers

One of the best fields within the tech industry today is project managers. Nearly every tech company, from those that create medical equipment to those that produce video games, need project managers. These are the people who see a project through from idea to creation. With an online project management degree, you can learn how to excel in the field. This requires a combination of management skills and tech knowledge. In addition to this, the company that you decide to work with in the future will have their own requirements about your knowledge, education, and skills.

Software Developer

Have you ever wondered how to create software for a game or application? Software developers are some of the most sought after tech professionals today. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there should be about 140,000 new software development positions available before 2022. Software developers encompass a number of different jobs, from app creation to operating system design. Software developers need to know how to create software, but also should be proficient in testing and debugging their own software, as well as the software that others create. Whether you like improving old code or want to create new projects from start to finish, software development may be for you.

Information Security Analyst

If you’re considering only jobs that have an incredible growth rate, consider looking into becoming an information security analyst. This job has a projected growth of 36.5 percent over the next eight years. Companies both large and small, as well as governmental bodies need information security analysts. There are always new cyber-attacks, viruses, and hacks that need to be fought against. Those in information security analyst positions are the ones who help fight against these threats. Because of this, it’s important that those who pursue the career understand the ins and outs of computer systems and how to analyze the information given.

Database Administrator


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Every company needs someone to keep track of their database. A database administrator does this, as well as much more. In fact, in some cases the database admin will not only keep up on the old database, they will create new databases for the company. The nice thing about having a database admin on hand is that companies can ensure that their database has exactly what they need. This field is expected to add nearly 18,000 new jobs before 2022.

There are many great options for those who are interested in going into the technology field. When you’re considering going back to school, consider the fields that interest you the most. Getting the right education can help you find the right industry and more specifically the perfect career.



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