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Do You Have the Perfect Office Environment?

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Creating an excellent working environment can be something of a strain for the average business owner. After all, you want to ensure that you have the right environment, but without spending a fortune. It’s time to start looking at ways that you can create the ultimate office environment all round. This not only leads to an increase in productivity, but it also ensures that your workforce become loyal. You don’t want to have a company with a high staff turnover. Aside from the obvious financial ramifications, you will also have something of a ‘bad name’ for yourself with competitors.


Creating a positive office environment doesn’t mean creating a place to nap or drink. Yes, we’d all like to work in an office that has these attributes. There is a delicate balance that needs to be achieved.


Here is how this can be done.


How Are the Facilities in Your Office?


Okay, so having a bar in the office is a moot point. But, what are the facilities like in your office? Are they dated? Is there are space to eat and relax on lunch times? Do you have a simple tea and coffee making area? Thinking about how you can motivate your workforce is imperative. You don’t have to create a social hub in your office. But, having a small space that people can take a break from their desks is important. This ensures that people are fully motivated after their lunch. Eating lunch at desks can cause a decrease in motivation. Encourage people to move around. Creating a small space within the office for people to break to is vital.


Environmental Controls: Creating a Happy Space for Work


If your office is too hot, too cold, too bright or too dull, you are going to impact on how people manage their workloads. You need to find the perfect ambience within your home. This ensures that you are providing the ultimate in the complete office environment. You need to have a system in place that allows for ambient temperatures and lighting like a floor or ceiling lighting from companies like Hinkley lighting.  Take a look at for how this can be achieved.


Team Meetings and the Importance of Communication


Communication is the lifeblood of any office. In order to create a positive working environment, you need to master the art of communication. Think about the regularity of your meetings. Consider the time of your meetings. First thing on a Monday or last thing on a Friday is not a great time to encourage people to be honest and communicative. In order to create the perfect office environment, you need to think about how your business is communicating. A daily or weekly brief is vital to ensuring that everyone is up to speed. But, it also gives people the chance to air any issues that have occurred.


A Monthly Social Event


Getting out and about with your team is vital to creating a perfect office environment. While it may not be cost effective to go out for a lavish meal on a monthly basis, a quick drink on a Friday evening can create a feeling of togetherness. Create a family feel within your business. You will see your staff turnover drastically reduced.



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