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What to Look For When Choosing a Marketing Agency for Your Ecommerce Store

Deciding who to partner with to provide your business with marketing services is a big decision, especially when you are looking to implement a potentially costly or highly technical feature like a shopping cart or other ecommerce solution. The right agency should offer a mix of expertise, creativity and above all else, be a good cultural fit to work with you – being able to communicate effectively with your suppliers is essential to a project’s success. It is often best practice to go into Read more […]

Things to Consider before You Rent a Business Space

Leasing a property involves a legal agreement. Therefore, you need to read the entire document and understand each word before signing it. If you face any difficulty in understanding some of the words or phrases, you can seek help from a real estate agent. The real estate agents are familiar with the law related to property transactions. They will be able to provide better advice than anyone else. Renting commercial space can be a complicated task. The success and failure of your business may depend Read more […]

5 Tips for Starting Succesful Small Business Online

Many people dream to set up business online. Out of these people, only a few have their dreams come true. The questions here are; why do others succeed while others fail? What do successful people do that the failures don’t? Well, the main reason may be the perception that setting up a business online is an easy and fast money making scheme. Some people also venture into online business without knowing the tips that that will help them successfully establish a business online. With these tips in Read more […]

Does Your Small Business Need a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a contractor that is employed by businesses to answer their calls on their behalf. Many small businesses benefit from outsourcing their calls to a virtual receptionist as it improves efficiency and increases professionalism. In this article we will explain some of the reasons why your small business may need a virtual receptionist and how you can benefit from their services. Improve your customer service by outsourcing your phone calls to a trained virtual receptionist Too Read more […]

Salary and Benefit Packages: a Career in Sales

When you get into any position in any industry, you’re obviously going to be offered a basic salary as well as a certain number of days worth of holiday to take each year. To many this package can look particularly lucrative, while to others it might seem a bit “unfair” considering their experience of expertise and they subsequently turn down the position or, if they’ve been in that position a while, they arrange a meeting with the management to renegotiate the terms of their contract. On Read more […]

How to Package and Ship Your Online Auction Sales

Part of the thrill of online auctions is waiting for the item you’ve just bought to arrive. You get excited as the “estimated delivery date” draws ever closer, and when the day comes you’re sat waiting for the postman to arrive with your new top, DVD, cricket bat, whatever you’ve just bought. However, you’re always a little bit disappointed when you see it fall on your doormat or handed over to you by the postman or delivery driver in a really half-hearted attempt of packaging. Okay, Read more […]