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A Guide to Writing Your Will the Quick and Painless Way

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Making a will can be a very scary thing, as most people don’t like to think about dying or what their family would do when they die. However, making a will doesn’t have to be hard – this post will guide you through creating yours the quick and painless way:

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Consider The Things to Include in Your Will


Write down the important things included in your estate. These things will be included in your will. Bear in mind that married couples need to make a different will. You can only leave your share of things you own jointly with your spouse and other people. Bear in mind that a will can’t do everything, and you may need to make arrangements outside of the will. For example, a safe home for any pets and money for the person to take care of them.


Think About Who You Want to Have Your Property


You probably already know whom you’d like to inherit your property, so include them in your will. However, it’s worth thinking about whom you’d like to have your property in the event that your original beneficiary doesn’t survive you.


Choose Somebody to Handle Your Estate in the Event of Your Death


You need to pick somebody you trust to handle your estate and carry out your wishes in the event of your death. Make sure this person knows that you have chosen them, and it isn’t a shock when the time comes.


Select a Suitable Guardian for Your Children


If you have children under the age of 18, you may want to select a suitable guardian for them assuming that their other parent won’t be able to take care of them.


Select Somebody to Manage Your Children’s Inheritance


If you’ve left things to your children in your will, you may need to select a trustee, who is the person that will manage this for the children. Make sure this is somebody you trust.


Create Your Will


Now you know what to include in your will, you can create your will. This shouldn’t take you too long, depending on the way you decide to do it. You may want an expert to help you, like estate planner Craige Brawley.


Sign Your Will


You’ll need to sign your will in front of at least 2 people. This will make it legal and binding when you die.


Keep Your Will in a Safe Place


Now you’ll need to store your will in a safe place. If there ever comes a time when you think you may not have long left, tell the person you’ve chosen to handle your estate where it is and how to access it. It’s worth making sure somebody you know and trust knows where it is at all times though, just in case.


As mentioned before, your will can’t take care of everything. Research what your will can take care of, and what you’ll need to make outside arrangements for. Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to continue enjoying your life without worry soon enough!

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