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7 Ways to Optimize Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a great tool to promote your business and to communicate with your audience.

Email marketing can also be used as a channel for generating leads and acquiring new clients. But in order to have a successful email marketing campaign, you first have to get your clients/readers to open and click through your emails. Below are 7 components to optimize your email to be as effective and attention grasping as possible.


Tip 1: Subject Line.
Subject line is the first thing your email recipient sees and thus, it is one of the most important things readers use when deciding whether to open your email. The subject line should therefore:

  • Catch the attention of your reader
  • Be pertinent to your recipient
  • Be brief and straight to the point.

To a larger extent, your email subject line should seek to unravel the concerns of your reader; emails with personalized subject lines such as “how to win your ex back” endear to your audience.

Tip 2: Sender Name.
Credibility and trust are very crucial in email marketing and thus, your emails should be coming from a real person instead of a random email address. Also, try and add your signature or even a portrait of yourself at the bottom of your message. This further strengthens the notion that the email is being sent by a real person who is confident about the offer he/she is recommending and not from some cold and aggressive marketer.

Tip 3: Personalization.
Keep in mind that mass marketing is not effective in email marketing. The way to go is by making your emails more targeted and personalized; this ensures that your emails are pertinent enough for your reader to relate to it. You can address your recipient by his or her first name, make mention of their company name where appropriate, and even their position in their company. You may also use any available data you have about them such as pages they have visited on your website and their previous purchase records.

Tip 4: Body Copy.
Your email should be brief and persuasive. As a marketer, your focus should be first ensuring that your email carries a clear message about what exactly your offer is and why it is the solution to your reader’s concerns. Your copy should be:

  • Brief enough and go straight to the point
  • Should have a persuasive tone without exaggerating it
  • Make use of short paragraphs and bullets to highlight the text.
  • Use strong language but with purpose

Tip 5: Images.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are great marketing tools and they can be used to add more bite to your emails. However, if you are going to use an image in your email then the image should be relevant to the offer. You will not benefit from using an image especially if it does not connect with your message.

Tip 6: Call-to-action.
Undoubtedly, the most vital element in your email is the link or “call-to-action. If you want your reader to take a certain action when reading your email then you should tell them what to do. Remember your main objective is to get your reader to click through and eventually convert. Choose a primary, focused and consistent call-to-action for your email and remember to make it catchy and stand out. It’s also good practice is to place your calls-to-action first so it is accessible without the reader having to scroll down but also include multiple links and buttons throughout your email.

Tip 7: Social Sharing Buttons.
Adding social sharing buttons gives you the opportunity to widen your reach as well as generate new leads. Add social sharing buttons in your mail to encourage your readers to share your message with their friends. Some of the common ones to consider are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

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