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5 winning tips to run your business in a green way

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As an eco-friendly entrepreneur, protecting your environment is a very important part of your business as well as your life. Every day is Earth Day and you should care for the Mother Nature. Even if you’re not passionate about your planet, going green still makes a good business sense as companies which are deliberate about incorporating eco-friendly practices can make more money, increase productivity and improve relation with customers as well as communities.


So don’t wait any more. Start making your business to go green from today even if you own a small company. Apart from being beneficial for the planet, it is beneficial for your bottom line too!

Here are some tips to go green.

  1. Know your usage – First of all you should know how ‘ungreen’ you’re before you start to be greener. There are a number of online tools that help you measure your company’s energy and water usage.

  2. Switch use of paper – It’s great to go paperless though there is hardly any company which is completely paperless. When use of paper is inevitable, try to use post consumer water (PCW) papers. Such are made from papers put in recycling bins and use very less energy to create less waste during the papermaking process.

  3. Opt for green transportation – Have your staffs to spend at least a day to avoid their cars and participate in eco-friendly transportation like walking to the workplace or biking. Moreover, you can set up a carpool program in your company where staffs can transit together and thus decrease the number of cars as well. Thus we reduce the use of fuel on the road every day.

  4. Put laptops/computers to sleep – By simply putting your laptops and computers to sleep can let you save as much as $50 per computer per year. Motivate your staffs to make sure they put off the computers when they are not in use.

  5. Replace lights – It’s true that there is a higher price tag on CFL or LED lights, but they last much longer than normal incandescent bulbs. In addition to that they use less energy in comparison to incandescent bulbs. This will let you make a rather better financial decision. Also prefer lights with 5 stars as they are more energy efficient. This can be done with other gadgets too! Energy efficient products should be used all through in your office.

The tips above are meant to be inexpensive and easy ways to increase your business’ energy efficiency. However, if you are willing to spend money, consider investing in green technologies. Nowadays, there are many eco-friendly technologies that your company can take advantage of. For example, according to professional Harrisburg roofers, solar panel technology can help businesses “save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint by converting sunlight into power.” While eco-friendly technologies may cost more money up front, they can save you a lot of money in the long run, whether it be from energy savings or government tax credits.

Though Earth Day is just a single day, you should celebrate it throughout the year. Convey this sense through your employees by incorporating more earth-friendly green practices both inside and outside your company. You can think about hosting a green living contest where contestants have to come up with new and innovating ways through which your company may save energy and thus money, and increase productivity of the company by going green. Such an initiative is a win-win for everybody – yourself, your company, your employees and of course the planet. Whether you’re operating from a room for rent in Patna or any other part of the world, the process should be the same.

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