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5 Online Marketing Techniques All Businesses Should Try

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All businesses should have a strong online presence. Why? To take a bigger share of the market available to them, of course! While stores that operate solely offline can do just fine, stores that operate online can reach anybody in the world. Surely that’s a good enough reason to build a strong online presence? With that in mind, here are 5 online marketing techniques that all businesses should try:


Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay per click advertising is pretty self explanatory; you pay per click on your advertisement. The amount you pay will totally depend on the keywords you’re using, and how sought after they are by others in your industry. If it’s something quite popular, then you can expect to pay a lot more for it than if it were something broad, such as ‘orange cow figurine’. This is a good way to get your advert near the top of the search results, giving you a better chance of making a conversion than if you were below the fold.




Search engine optimization is an essential part of any online marketing techniques. All websites, big or small, need SEO to be as visible as possible in the search engines. By having your online and offline SEO on point, your site will be deemed as more credible by the various search engines and will be listed higher for your relevant search terms. Visitors will see that search engines trust you and will be more likely to click on you. Being above the fold will get you the most clicks!


Email Marketing


Email marketing doesn’t cost much, and it’s a great way to target fans of your brand. You can include a tempting call to action, and you can even track how many people click through on your email so you can see how effective it is. Why not split test your emails? This will allow you to create two slightly different emails and send them out, where you can then see which was the most effective and analyse why. You can then create more effective email marketing campaigns in future!


Social Media Marketing


Social media should be a big part of all online marketing strategies these days. Millions of people use social media every day, so by utilising the platforms where you’ll find your target market, you’ll be able to reach a big chunk of them. You may even go viral! Just make sure you don’t make your posts too promotional, as the key is to be social.




Blogging allows you to share your expert knowledge with people who want to learn. This can help you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, which will get you many more readers, visitors, and perhaps even improve your SEO in the process. You could even guest blog on a relevant blog in your industry, allowing you to reach a wider audience and get a bigger readership. Remember to keep your posts informative, useful, and easy to digest.


What are you waiting for? Try these techniques and see what they can do for you!
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