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5 Basic Tips to Promote your New Start-Up

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Effectively promoting your start-up is probably the most vital aspect of establishing a business in a consumer world. Your success comes down to the involvement of your customers, and if they don’t exist it will be near impossible for your start-up to exist. People shouldn’t need to look too hard, so without further ado, here are five basic tips to promote your new start-up.



To show that you really do mean business, provide your potential customers with a solid indicator of your existence. This way they can access your information without having to search for you online, or listen while you try and sell your business to them on their way to work in the early hours of the morning. Brochures or business cards will do the same thing just as efficiently by providing the customer with contact details and a general outline of your business, if they happen to want it. Printing services like the ones found at will provide you with information regarding promotional and training material, among other useful business items.

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion, in a nutshell, is promoting someone else’s business so that they will, in turn, promote yours. This can be achieved in numerous ways: Submitting guest posts on other people’s websites, writing Facebook statuses or tweets describing their line of business and highlighting how awesome their particular company is, and so on. In the process you are creating good and long-lasting connections in the business world as well as the consumer world.

Colleagues and Friends

Take advantage of free promoting services by approaching friends, family and colleagues and asking them to spread the word. It’s all too easy, and they’re normally happy to help out if it means the success and wellbeing of someone they’re fond of. Additionally, this is an effective way to find out who your real friends are. Guilt trip them with that, if you can.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re unsure of how successfully your promoting is going, take a stab at every option. Promote on Facebook, promote on the streets, hand out leaflets to your friends, or crash a university lecture and do a shout out there. Simply getting out there is a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t. Another great way to station your promoting methods is to conduct a survey asking how people found out about your business.

Know Your Customers

While getting the word out in a general public forum like Facebook is a useful way to gain some initial exposure, it’s important that you target the right customers so that you can channel your advertisements toward a particular group of buyers. Who might be more interested in what your business is offering than others? It’s also important that you advertise within an appropriate medium, which again, is all very much dependent on who your customers are, what they tend to read and watch, whether they use online media or whether they access news via a more traditional form of media (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.).

The last paragraph is probably the most important of all. Knowing how to reach your customers not only makes it easier for you to attract regular buyers, it also makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you in the first place. The above tips are both collaborative and inexpensive, making them perfect for start-ups and newcomers.

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