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4 Blog Types That Will Enrich and Improve Your Life

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Make 2013 the most satisfying and enriching year of your life by reading the following four blogs. Whether you decide to eat and cook organically or want to spend the year abroad, take a look at these top blog categories for 2013:

1. Go Somewhere: Travel Blogs

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See someplace new in 2013! An awesome list of travel blogs will help get you inspired for your 2013 vacations, so here’s a taste of our favorite blog, Jdomb’s Travels. Written by a couple living in Italy, these two are taking advantage of Europe’s cozy geography. Check out their blog to hear about the best scenic drive in Switzerland or the must-see sights in Iceland. They’ve been to 41 countries on several continents, so you can take your pick for destination ideas.

2. Save Something: Money Management Blogs

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Make 2013 the year you got out of debt and secured your future. For debt repayment, daily personal finance tips, and investment strategies, try Portfolio Strategy. As one of the most recognized voices for those keeping tabs on financial markets, Ken Fisher offers seasoned advice on portfolios, stocks, loans, and daily personal finance decisions. Fisher backs up his great advice with his own investment firm and publications. But he hasn’t just founded his own successful money management firm, Fisher Investments Forbes has given him his own column, Portfolio Strategy, for over 25 years as well.

3. Give Thanks: Spirituality Blogs

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Connect to something greater than yourself, find peace and security, and learn to be content in all circumstances with a faith-based blog like A Holy Experience. Written by Ann Voskamp, this blog is full of lyrical writing and a frank way of talking about hard things. Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts was a runaway success that detailed her journey from discontentment to joy, gratitude, and freedom. Her writing talks honestly about the painful details of life while her writing can be beautifully described as a form of poetry that pulls the reader along. Get a daily taste of the freedom she found with every beautiful post. If you like, read her book as well and follow along her journey with your own. Perhaps you will find the joy she talks about, too.

4. Eat Homemade: Food Blogs

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A good year means great food. The Year in Food is a great blog that will help you create delicious and healthy meals. Full of tantalizing recipes, the blog generally focuses on seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a lover of healthy eating and farmer’s markets, Kimberly Hasselbrink fills every month with delicious side dishes, dinners, and desserts based on the current seasonal produce. Monthly seasonal produce guides and monthly recipes will help you join her, so go ahead and make mixed berry and mint ice pops in the summer and a winter citrus salad in January.

These are just four blogs that can improve your year. What blog will most influence your 2013?

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