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When Should You Be Using A Lawyer In Your Personal Life?

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It can be hard to know when it is appropriate to get a lawyer involved in any situation. It can often feel as though hiring a lawyer is an act of escalation, which will completely change the dynamic of any context. You may have no qualms about having the legal department involved in a dispute at work. But it can often feel a bit more personal and difficult when you need one involved in your home life.


In spite of this, you shouldn’t be hesitating. Involving a lawyer may feel like an escalation, and in many cases it will be. But it will also be the first step to you protecting yourself. If you’re in a situation where you feel at risk, then having a lawyer involved is easily the best way to start to feel protected. But it can often feel as though no one will be able to tell you when it is the right time and situation to have a lawyer involved. If you approach a lawyer, they will more often than not tell you that their services are definitely required. But if you talk to friends and family, then it is likely that they will think getting a lawyer involved will only escalate the situation. With all of these different opinions, the actual answer is usually somewhere in the middle. To help you in a situation like this, we’ve but together a few examples of times when you should be thinking about involving a lawyer in your personal life.


Here are a few concise guides to getting a lawyer involved.


Personal Injury


If you’ve sustained an injury that wasn’t your fault, particularly if it was at work, then it is certainly worth getting a lawyer involved. Employers have a responsibility to make sure that they provide their employees with a safe work environment, and if they fail in this duty then they have let you down. You may lose out on some valuable money that you would have made at work, or you could end up permanently injured as a result of their negligence. It is always worth contacting a specialist and filing a work accident claim with russellworthsolicitors. Think about your own interests in the long term here. It isn’t worth spending the rest of your life with a recurring injury because you didn’t want to make a claim early on.


Property Disputes


This can be a particularly tricky one. Some property disputes are easy to involve lawyers in. If you have a problem with the local council or a business infringing on your property then you shouldn’t hesitate to get a lawyer involved. But if you have a dispute with a neighbour it can be a slightly more tricky situation. You’ll want to remain protected, but also you’ll need to have a good relationship with your neighbour for years to come. It often isn’t worth souring the personal relationship that you have with people you’re seeing every day. Before you get a lawyer involved you should try to exhaust every other option available to you. Think about the extent to which the matter affects your daily life, and think about whether you can swallow your pride. That said, don’t be a pushover. If your property rights are being infringed upon then you have the right to fair process. Contact a lawyer if you feel cornered.




As mentioned above, you probably wouldn’t have any qualms with involving a lawyer in your work life. You may need a contract reviewed, or you may need to better understand the processes involved in certain types of transaction. In any case, you’ll be comfortable involving a lawyer as a professional. But you should also be comfortable in using a personal lawyer when it comes to matters of employment. If you’re offered any new role, you should be able to have a lawyer look over the conditions of your contract. You should be able to do this without telling your employer, but if not then it isn’t the end of the world. They should understand that you have to protect your own interests when it comes to employment. They should know that when it comes to a contract, you are signing away a significant portion of your life, so you will want to know exactly what you’re getting.



You should never be afraid of having a lawyer involved in a funeral. It can seem rude and crass to call a lawyer when someone close to you has passed away. But in fact it can save you a lot of time and leave you free to grieve while they take care of due process. There may be matters of inheritance to consider, and the deceased may have put aside some money to provide for their own funeral costs. Matters such as these can significantly ease your mind at a difficult time, so it’s worth letting a lawyer do the hard work for you. The deceased may have even already made arrangements, so you don’t have to choose an appropriate lawyer.




This one is particularly difficult, and should be handled with delicacy. If you’re beginning the process of legal separation from your partner then you should be thinking about the shared assets and obligations that you have. A separation is already more than likely to be a difficult and bitter affair, so you should always try to keep the lines of communication open. If you contact a lawyer you should let the other party know, especially if you have children. A lawyer should be making your situation easier rather than escalating the affair. Be intelligent about your own interests, but try not to use the prospect of a lawyer as a weapon in your personal disputes. You should be thinking about how to resolve the situation with as little conflict as possible. Think long and hard about involving a lawyer in this aspect of your personal life, as it can be a very intrusive affair that can escalate very quickly.

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