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Turn your workplace from dingy to divine: try this!

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Your workplace is more than an office to eke out your nine-to-five grind – at its best, it’s a glowing business card. So why is yours a decrepit pit of clutter and mess?


Indeed, many bosses don’t appreciate the integrity of their work premises. Musty walls, sodden ceilings from rainy days and desks that look like they were found in a skip – no wonder your staff look so miserable.

With a poor workplace, you’ll put off clients, demoralise employees and even create a potential fire hazard.

That doesn’t mean you have to move property. You simply need to make a few improvements to your current workplace. Here are some tips to get you started.

Transcend to the next level

Your office doesn’t have to be tiny to feel cramped. When you’ve got a large number of staff, even the largest workplace can begin to burst at the seams.

Yet you don’t have to constantly expand your workplace – you might only need to look above your head.

Mezzanine floors are an ideal way to double the size of your office without moving. Essentially a raised platform supported by steel girders, mezzanine floors will let you make the most of your space – and all at a reasonable cost.

And you can do pretty much whatever you like with this space. Create a VIP lounge, give your employees a chill out zone, reserve an entire floor for your files and miscellaneous goods – the choice is yours.

The space pros

While it’s entirely possible to configure a working space on your own, nothing beats a bona fide Feng Shui expert to give you a helping hand.

A spiritual practice originating in the east over two millennia ago, Feng Shui is also one of the finest guides on interior design ever written.

Those adept in the art of Feng Shui can be the ideal guides for your latest technique in interior design. But before you hire one of these gurus, make sure you check customer reviews online – a number of charlatans operate in these sectors, so it’s important to be vigilant.


So many offices are blander than a mop handle. You enter their blank walls and feel… well, little of anything, really.

And these are, by far, the worst places to work. So why don’t you add some character to yours?

You could bring in family photos, hang your favourite paintings or let your employees make some ace suggestions – they could be the perfect antidote to your bland office.

Ultimately, any workplace is what you make of it. And if your property is languishing in despair, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

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