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Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Health and Medical Fields

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Healthcare is a universal right and need and is the type of industry where you can make a real difference to people’s lives. Choosing to devote your life to working in the health and medical fields can be incredibly rewarding. Read on to find out why.


1. Job Growth and Portability

Healthcare is a career with staying power – it is currently ranked eighth on a list of the world’s fasted growing industries. While government budgets can cause highs and lows in the public sector, health and medical professionals can still find work in private practices. It is also something that is universally required around the world, so there are great opportunities to travel and move around while still having viable employment opportunities. You can visit to see current job openings in your region.

2. You Have The Ability To Make A Difference

From delivering babies to saving lives and everything in between, health and medical professionals have a profound impact on the lives of other people. Entire communities can benefit from having access to qualified and experienced health care practitioners, particularly when they are in regional and remote areas.

3. Anyone Can Work In Health

Whether you’ve just completed medical school or have no previous experience, there are a multitude of opportunities ranging from highly specialised fields through to entry level assistant positions. There are also many different sectors you can choose to work in – from hospitals to general practitioners to dentists to allied health disciplines.

4. Good Pay and Flexibility

Some people detest the idea of shift work but it can actually be quite liberating not being bound by 9 – 5 work hours. While it may mean giving up some weekends or missing special occasions from time to time, many people tailor their roster to suit their lifestyle. Medical and health professionals and practitioners do have the potential to earn higher than average rates of pay, particularly when penalty rates are added on.

5. Every Day Is Different

If you’re the type of person who would get bored doing the same thing day in and day out, you may just find your calling in the medical profession. With such a diverse range of patients all with their own personalities, family and medical history/ailments, the cases you work on will all be different. There is also opportunity to move between specialities – e.g. into paediatrics or another departments which can be a chance to learn new skills and gain different experiences.

With steady work opportunities, the chance to make a difference and opportunities for flexibility and professional development, working in the health industry has many benefits. Some people go to work every day feeling like there is no point to what they do – when you’re dealing with the health and wellbeing of others and making an impact on their lives, your purpose is clear.

Why do you think that the health and medical industry makes for a great career?

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