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Top 2 Ways for Taking Your Business Mobile

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You have to be mobile-friendly to get anywhere with your business these days, but it seems like such a pain to build an app or a mobile website. Coders will charge you around sixty bucks an hour, and you’ve probably gone through and built an app on one of those DIY platforms only to hit the publish button and read, “We’ll publish this for you for fifty bucks a month!”


We’re willing to bet that you’ve read about a dozen top five and top ten and top fifteen lists before stumbling onto this one, only to hit a bunch of dead ends. So, we boiled it down to just three easy, free ways to make your business more mobile-accessible:

For Mobile Websites: Dudamobile

You need to make your business mobile-friendly, but you might not need an app. Apps are great if your users are going to be using it frequently, but if they just need a place to check out your business hours or see when your special events are taking place, a mobile website will do. As far as free mobile site builders go, Dudamobile is the best. There’s no “gotcha!” when you’re ready to publish, they just put your website online with a banner at the bottom advertising their site.

Building your website is pretty easy. You just drag buttons and doodads from a column on the left, and drop them into the column on the right. You can adjust your site for laptops, mobile phones and tablets, as well as add your own HTML. If you want to go premium, it’s $14.25 a month, and that includes a custom domain name.

For Apps: Mobile Website With Dudamobile

There are plenty of great sites that let you build an app with little effort and no technical know-how, sites like Buildfire and Appy Pie, featuring easy, drag-and-drop interfaces and a streamlined process from development to submission. The thing is, though, that the publication process is always going to wind up costing you a monthly subscription fee. If you’re not ready to spend a few bucks on your mobile presence, go ahead and skip the apps for now. Luckily, a mobile website can do almost everything that an app can do for your business. It is as useful as car insurance is for your car.

Alternately, you can just ramp up your social media presence. Having an app or a mobile site is great, but it’s not one hundred percent totally necessary. Look: You already know how to use Facebook and Twitter, right? So spend some more time on those platforms, pay attention to what works and what doesn’t and turn your Facebook page into a hub for your clientele.

Having an app in the Apple store with your business’ name on it sounds fun, but it might not be necessary. If you’re looking for, for example, CA Traffic School and ticket dismissal, that’s sort of a one-time thing for many users, so while an app might be helpful, it’s not likely to be something that you’re using every day, as with a service like Uber.

Before determining how to take that next step into mobile, take a moment to consider what you’re offering, and whether it would be better suited through social media, a mobile website, or if you actually should consider putting a few bucks down publishing an app.

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