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The benefits of doing an apprenticeship

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The UK government have backed the idea of apprenticeships for years now, and for very good reason. Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of industries and increasingly employers are seeing the potential benefits of training young people from scratch. Not only are they great for businesses but are also ideal ways for people to gain unique skill sets in a hands on way.

The benefits of apprenticeships to the apprentice:

  • It is the ideal option for people in between school and work because it is accepted that there will be a lack of experience and training will be given.
  • You can learn from the best, people who do the job day in day out will be those who can have the most knowledge. By being in communication with current employees the apprentice can better understand the job at hand.
  • An apprenticeship is practical, meaning that learning is done through real life experience instead of classroom teaching. A lot of people find this is the easiest way to pick up new skills quickly.
  • Skills learnt are specific to the business, meaning that by the time the apprenticeship is finished, you may have more chance of employment at the end.

The benefits of apprenticeships to a business:

  • The apprentice can be trained in a way that suits the business and ultimately will result in a highly beneficial employee for the company.
  • A new person entering the company can uplift the current team and inject some motivation. Training can actually give a confidence boost in work as it is a role of responsibility which an employee is given.
  • Apprentices are generally more cost effective for a business than employing an already skilled worker.

Apprenticeship schemes are great because they allow employer and employee alike to benefit. For those who feel they learn better in a more practical environment, an apprenticeship may be seen as the ideal opportunity.

Holly Powell writes for Russell Taylorfollow, national construction recruitmentfollow.

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