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The Beginners Guide to Bail Bonds

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Some people find themselves in an uncompromising situation with the law. If this applies to you, you will want to know more about finding out about bail bonds. For those that have had a brush with the law, you will be keen to know more about bail bonds and how they can help you. However, this area is complex. This is because is bail is only given to certain crimes. Of course, the more severe the crime is, the less likely it will be that you get bail.



What is a Bail Bond Agent?


An agent who gives money or property to give bail to the defendant is what is termed as a bond agent. While this may sound like something from a British film, a bond agent will ensure that bail is paid. This is so that the defendant can be released from jail.


Of course, the person who is in jail cannot pay the bond. Ultimately, it is down to the family to ensure that they seek out the right help from the appropriate company.


The agent will take a percentage of the bail money as their fee. So, as long as you have collateral, you will be able to utilise this service.


When is a Bond Necessary?


Bail is used so that the defendant goes to court. In many cases, they will appear in court for their hearing. But, the law does state that they can keep a defendant on bail until a court hearing. This can cause a significant impact on the lives of the accused and their families.


A bond can be used so that they receive bail. This means that the defendant has to appear in court. If they do not, the bond agent can recover any costs in other ways. Sometimes, the bond is assigned to property or money. This means that the collateral can be recovered in the event that the defendant does not turn up to their court hearing.


It is important to note that bond agents can sue a defendant in the event that they do not attend their court date. A bond agent should only be used when you are confident that the protocols and rules will be adhered to accordingly.


Obtaining a Bail Bond


A bond can be obtained from a number of agencies. Typically, these are done via state. Bail Bonds of Birmingham can help those in Alabama. Search by your home state and retrieve the necessary information.


The great news is, is that bails bond can be sought irrespective of the crime. Of course, the rate that is paid will be dependent on the severity of the crime. The price that is issued by the agent is dependent on the cost of the bail terms. The more expensive the bail amount, the more of a fee you will pay to your agent.


Bail bonds are easy to obtain. You can ensure that your privacy is guarded when using an agent to get a loved out of jail. You don’t have to worry about confidentiality issues. Many agents respect this need for privacy.


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