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Ten top tips for SMS Marketing

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Businesses in all sorts of industries have improved sales as a result of an SMS marketing campaign. However, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about this unique method of communicating with customers. Here are ten tips to ensure your SMS marketing campaign stays on the right track.


#1 Use SMS marketing software

There is plenty of software available which allows businesses to send marketing messages to customers’ mobile phones in bulk. Finding software that is cheap and easy to use is the first step to a winning SMS marketing campaignfollow.

#2 Promote your SMS campaign everywhere!

The more customers you get to subscribe to your SMS marketing scheme, the more successful it is likely to be. With that in mind, take the opportunity to promote it online and in-store at every possible opportunity. Have a sign-up box on every web page, put up promotional posters in-store and make sure staff promote it at the point of sale.

#3 Offers and rewards

Customers don’t want to be advertised to unless there’s something in it for them. Pitch your SMS marketing campaign as an opportunity to hear about money-saving offers and unique rewards and then make sure that’s what they get!

#4 Make them feel special

Customers love to be made to feel special, so why not market your SMS campaign as a ‘VIP club’, where members get offers and deals that non-VIPs miss out on.

#5 Segmentation

Take the opportunity to get some personal details from SMS subscribers. Not only will this let you gain some potentially vital information about your target audience, it could also help you decide what sort of content they may be interested in receiving. Boosting the relevancy of your text messages has been shown to can increase engagement rates and reduce unsubscribes.

#6 Call to action

A call to action is one of the most powerful parts of any piece of marketing content and this is no different in SMS marketing. Finish your message by telling your subscribers what you want them to do next. This should make a huge difference to your conversion rates.

#7 Use fear of loss

This is another great marketing technique. Make sure whatever offer you’re presenting is limited in time or quantity. Subscribers should then be more motivated to take action straight away. After all, the fear of missing out is often said to be more powerful than the desire to have something.

#8 Quality not quantity

Bombarding your subscribers with message after message will only serve to annoy them and leave them with a poor impression of your business. Yes, it’s important to be consistent with your delivery – but make sure every message you send is genuinely interesting.

#9 Use the web

Smartphone usage across the UK has grown to the point where businesses are more than comfortable including web links in their SMS marketing messages. Sending an SMS subscriber to your mobile website is a great way of getting them to act on impulse – but make sure that those without a smartphone have a way to take advantage of offers as well.

#10 No spam

The reasons that SMS marketing is such a successful medium is that customers have typically opted-in to receive marketing messages from a business. Sending unsolicited messages is a big no-no and could even land you with a big fine.

Those who utilise all ten of these top tips should have customers fighting amongst themselves to sign up for their SMS marketing scheme and take advantages of the money-saving deals offered to them.

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