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Turn your workplace from dingy to divine: try this!

Your workplace is more than an office to eke out your nine-to-five grind – at its best, it’s a glowing business card. So why is yours a decrepit pit of clutter and mess? Indeed, many bosses don’t appreciate the integrity of their work premises. Musty walls, sodden ceilings from rainy days and desks that look like they were found in a skip – no wonder your staff look so miserable. With a poor workplace, you’ll put off clients, demoralise employees and even create a potential fire hazard. That Read more [...]

Ten top tips for SMS Marketing

Businesses in all sorts of industries have improved sales as a result of an SMS marketing campaign. However, there are definitely right and wrong ways to go about this unique method of communicating with customers. Here are ten tips to ensure your SMS marketing campaign stays on the right track. #1 Use SMS marketing software There is plenty of software available which allows businesses to send marketing messages to customers’ mobile phones in bulk. Finding software that is cheap and easy to Read more [...]