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How to Stay Connected With Remote Employees

There are more than 3.3 million people working remotely in the United States, reports The Fast Track. That is 2.6 percent of America’s workforce breaking away from the traditional desk job for the idea of being able to work wherever you are. However, several hurdles lie in front of a business that allows its employees to unleash themselves from their office desk. For instance, much of the work depends on the employee’s work ethic, organization and responsibility. And, perhaps even more importantly, Read more […]

How to make your Business more Environmentally Friendly

Implementing sustainable practices at work has a number of benefits – it improves the health of workers, reduces the business’s impact on the environment and can even result in bottom-line savings. Here are four strategies you can implement to make your office and your staff more environmentally friendly. Go Paperless The average worker in the United States uses over 10,000 pieces of paper every year. When you consider that over 600mL of water is used to produce just one piece of paper, Read more […]

5 Reasons Why the Call Center Industry is Alive and Well

When consumers need their questions answered, they often turn to call centers. These 5 reasons keep the call center industry alive and well even though the Internet makes it possible for people to find many answers online. Almost every person with a home has a telephone that lets them place calls. That includes the more than 100 million people in the United States who don’t have Internet access at home. Some of those people cannot afford computers and Internet connection fees. Others simply have Read more […]

Selling Gold 101: 4 Key Details to Consider When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

  For investors who buy and trade precious metals, gold is a significant commodity. Many people, however, love gold simply for its sheer brilliance and elegance. Gold jewelry pieces are timeless, holding their value indefinitely. People who are looking for a way to get some extra cash may turn to selling their gold jewelry pieces as a way to receive much-needed funds. Since gold is a precious, rare metal, it is crucial to understand the basics before selling pieces to a jewelry buyer. Finding Read more […]