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Easy and Cheap Ways to Advertise Locally

Advertising and marketing is becoming more and more expensive these days. A great alternative to advertise your business services or products is via a business directory. It’s definitely the place to go to spread the word of what your company offers to a very large audience. Business directories are sent out free of charge to households and are well used. The directories not only have names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of companies but also:- Useful local maps Local Read more […]

Managing Sales Goals and Expectations

As a sales manager, what do you do when you are not meeting your quota? While honing in on more lucrative sales may seem like the best solution, this usually leaves you with missed opportunities and an unproductive staff. It’s important to know that bigger is not always better. Just like investing, a successful business portfolio is one that is diversified. Rather than relying on your top sellers to bank a few major accounts, try improving your prospecting efforts in all areas. Educate your staff, Read more […]

New School Meets Old School: How to Embrace Traditional Advertising and New Media

Often there is a misconception that when it comes to modern marketing strategies, you are either going ‘traditional’ (think print, radio, television) or ‘new’ (social media, mobile marketing, digital campaigns). Some people make the mistake of thinking that digital (particularly social media) means that they can reduce their overall marketing and advertising spend and use the “free” platform instead. This can be a mistake as often you need the support of traditional or multi-channel Read more […]

The Ultimate Cost Containment Guide For Small Businesses

Cost containment is fast becoming the new businesses way of saving costs for the long term. If you are planning on undertaking a large-scale project, you need to ensure costs are contained in a manageable way.   You need to undertake cost containment strategies and processes within your venture. These are often utilised within businesses that are tied by financial constraints. Think about your budget. Do you need to stay within that budget to guarantee that your business survives? Of Read more […]

The Basic Principles of Graphic Design Explained

Good graphic design takes more than just artistic flair and creativity. There is actually a science or formula behind what works to communicate key representations, messages, values and emotions with the target audience. The way that all the visual elements such as lines, shapes, colours, sizes and textures are arranged or laid out is known as applying the principles of design. These principles are essentially the ‘rules’ for communicating with your target audience visually and when used properly, Read more […]

How to increase the ROI of your website

Setting up a website is one of the easiest ways to expand your business or personal brand, and it requires a relatively small initial investment. Once all the work of setting up the site is done, the focus can then shift to maximizing its return on investment (ROI). © Lassedesignen – Fotolia There are several ways to boost the ROI of a website, and here are five of the most important: Make it easy for customers or clients Make the site as user-friendly as possible. If a site is hard to navigate Read more […]

In-App Advertising – Can This Sustain a Business?

The internet has changed the way that businesses market and advertise in dramatic ways, for good. In the “old days” of internet advertising, flashy banner ads were briefly successful. As time went by and consumers became more savvy and tired of the ads, they started to become banner blind, not clicking on ads and even avoiding websites with intrusive advertising. Nevertheless, internet advertising is alive and well, and comes in ever more sophisticated forms. What Is The Future Of Advertising? The Read more […]